How to make sure your giveaway, giving back!

Social media competition is a fantastic way to show your tribe a little and thank them for their support. Gift encourage involvement in your profile via likes, comments and Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi shares, generating valuable sensation around your brand. However, when you give something for nothing, […]

Beginner’s Guide Wireframing in Web Design

Website design can be full of technical terms and acronyms. Most people who get their website designed from Digital Marketing Company Nottingham a professional will not know SaaS from ARIA them and that is not necessarily a bad thing if you are a client. It’s not your job to know […]

Do People Really Care About Your Ad?

Recently MADFest London webinar I attended focused on the ad and whether viewers really give Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth a crap. On the panel; Mike Follett (MD at LUMEN – an eye-tracking company) & Nick Steel (Growth Strategy and Insight Director at NOMAD Foods). This blog is a brief […]

Donald Trump is in Google Analytics

There are new types of spam Google Analytics in the city and which erode the accuracy of your GA data. This is Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle referred to as Language Spam. Look at your language reports in Google Analytics> Geo> Language. It should look like this: You can see […]

Custom audience purpose: Targeting the Ones That Got Away

Every experienced marketers, especially those working in the media are paid, will be familiar with the funnel retargeting models. You can re-engage users who visit Digital Marketing Agencies Bath your website and keep them coming back to register or buy a product – which is very important in this age […]

Supercharge your Link Building Digital PR Newsroom

I graduated with a first class honors degree from the university and managed to bag myself my dream job in an Oxford-based PR agency working with household brands. I thought it was just a coincidence. Someone really wants to hire me to do this thing called PR, and I’m ready […]

Using Data to Improve Link Building Campaign

Using Data to Improve Link Building Campaigncontent-driven link building is an important part of what we do in Aira and we are always striving to make Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton improvements to our skills, processes and results. There are several ways that we do this, including team training, process […]

Product Data Quality: 5 Steps to Improve Product Data

Have high quality and accurate product data is essential in converting customers, but only because the data did not mean that it is doing as well as could be. Great product data is at Digital Marketing Company in Stafford the core of customer satisfaction, so getting this right is very […]

5 Types of eCommerce Personalization to Increase Sales

Personalization is a big part of the plant happy, loyal customers. There are many ways you can personalize your online content even though we will discuss five types of personalization Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle to increase sales, including quick wins and long-term strategy. But first, what personalized eCommerce? ECommerce […]