There are new types of spam Google Analytics in the city and which erode the accuracy of your GA data. This is Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle referred to as Language Spam.

Look at your language reports in Google Analytics> Geo> Language. It should look like this:

You can see that it is nice and logical, with different languages ​​broke and easy to analyze.

Now there is a new kind of spam traffic / fake ruins our language analysis. It looks like this:

These other threats to your GA data accuracy.

What you might also be interested to know is that the above example is taken from a site that has not been installed Google Analytics. This means that data is being pushed to Google Analytics without code present on each page.

Why does this happen?
Spammers want to get the most traffic. The tactics used in this particular campaign is an interesting mix of old school marketing psychology.

Tactics look like this:

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Leave an entry in the GA report to the sub-domain that appears to be owned by Google.
Make people curious: Secret
Implying scarecity: Enter this URL only with tickets
Add hot topics: Vote for Trump!
Their goal is then to bake the ingredients into the payload data and automate delivery as Google Analytics Account many website owners may be; Getting people to visit the Google domain being falsified, obtaining PII, send viruses, generate advertising revenue, etc.

Language Spam Solutions
Fortunately these threats can be lowered quickly and without too much hassle. Make sure you’re logged into Google Analytics and we will guide you through the next steps.

Step 1 – Create a Custom Segment
Create Custom Segments to test your filter patterns and preview your historical data. best practice is to always configure a custom segment in your Master View where you can safely test the logic filter and see how different settings change the filter your data.

Click + Add Segment

  1. Set Up Custom Segment Patterns

Use a descriptive label that clearly
Set ‘language’ for ‘no shows’ and the pattern as a full stop: ” Language code never contained this arrangement does not include any entries that include full and one stop.
Click Preview to see the effect
Use custom segments for any historical reporting to see your data without Language Spam.
The following data with a Custom Segment applied, as you will see, we have removed 25.64% of Languages ​​Spam using this segment:

If the custom segment works as expected save. I know what you think you are, how to (not set) bucket? We will look into the (not set) in another blog post.

Step 2 – Add Filters to your Test View
It’s best practice to run the filter on your Test View to the period before applying it to see the master at a later stage.

Select your Test View
Click Admin> Filter

  1. Select the + Add Filter
  2. Give the filter a descriptive name, such as ‘Exclude Language Reference Spam’
  3. Select the ‘Custom’ in the Filter Type
  4. Click ‘Exclude’ radio button
  5. Add ‘.’ Go to Filter field (which is to qualify a full stop)
  6. Click ‘Save’

Let the filter in place for several days to allow sufficient traffic to gather
Compare View English entry test report with the Master View entry your report. You should be able to see data discrepancies between your report.
Step 3 – Apply Language Spam Filter for your Master View
Once you’ve collected enough data in your Test View and satisfied that there is no longer any Language Spam collected, apply filters to your Master View. Filters are not retrospective, so if you need to look at historical data without Languages ​​Spam, you must apply a custom segment that you created in Step 1 & 2.

The next step
You’re not done. There are more fake traffic creep up to your reports like Ghost Spam, Spam Referrers, Event Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle Spam, Spam Campaign … Do not worry you will clear more fake traffic in a follow-up this post when we see Ghost Spam .

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