Social media competition is a fantastic way to show your tribe a little and thank them for their support. Gift encourage involvement in your profile via likes, comments and Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi shares, generating valuable sensation around your brand. However, when you give something for nothing, it is important to strategically plan and make sure you get something back.

What’s in it for you?

‘Like, tag friends and share’ of this post and you go in the draw to win … Of course, this gets your name out there, but what you are actually trying to achieve? When you create a competition it is important to determine a particular purpose. Are you promoting a new product or experience? Your audience can see the relevance and value of your gift? Is the campaign to promote your business or you just give something for nothing? Take the time to engage with your tribe should be driven by measurable goals, then your campaign should be designed to achieve. If you’re trying to grow your followers, make sure your audience share posts. Ask your audience sign up to your website to grow your email subscriber for . Before you start the competition, get the facts and figures about your performance today. Throughout the campaign track your progress and conclusions, evaluate how your giveaway to help you progress.

Makes about gifts

As many followers will be glad dream holiday to Bora Bora, is really relevant to the accounting of your company? If not, make it! Gifts should reflect the identity and the core values ​​of your brand, promote your business helpful while your customers. If you’re in the hospitality, offers a dining experience of your followers will come back to. Make sure that the unique taste samples of the product or service through a door behind the winner persuade you with friends tailings.

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Phone a friend

Do you have a sister or partner brand in the industry that complements your products and services? Pick up the phone and brainstorm a unique collaboration that will leave you buzzing social network.

Time is money

In an effective marketing campaign, time is important to achieve optimal results. There is no point in increasing the Christmas competition in September, making the urgency and excitement about your prize by launching a campaign on strategic dates. If you promote your new product, uncover your giveaway prior to release and create hype. Lucky people may not win prizes, but they will be curious enough to give it a try anyway. Use analytic insight to identify the peak hour traffic for business and promotions in your post times your target audience is active.

The ‘like, tag and share your friends’ promotions this post may be effective in increasing your follower, but you can make your engagement with the audience count for more. Ask your customers to book your feedback to go in the draw to win. Having been involved in, personal communication facilities are two ways you can take the time to respond individually to your tribe and gain valuable insight into your brand image. Ask questions that matter. What can we do better? What do you like about our business? What would you like to see next? Not only the customers you get rewarded, get your knowledge that will help you grow.

social networking feeds filled with quick gift and marketing ploys that promote a brand. How often do you like a page, only to stop following when you do not come out as the winner? Make your competitors interesting and attractive so that you do not mingle Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi with the crowd. Strategic design your giveaway to benefit your destination so that this campaign is really a win-win.

Wild team has decided to eat his words and our own social media master our giveaway.      

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