Every experienced marketers, especially those working in the media are paid, will be familiar with the funnel retargeting models.

You can re-engage users who visit Digital Marketing Agencies Bath your website and keep them coming back to register or buy a product – which is very important in this age of modern shopper, who will be looking around for the best deal.

From the perspective of PPC is great news! If you pay for clicks, you want to make sure that many of those potential customers who have clicked on your business and have gained charge, convert, one way or another.

However, there is more we can do in other areas?

A recent article published by WordStream showing that the average CTR on Google search Ads campaign in 2020 is 4.62% (in all industries).

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So wait?!

What happened to the other 96% (approximately) of users searching for your targeted keywords? Either they see an ad from one of your Google ad campaigns and do not click, or ad does not show at all?

96% of users who viewed one of your ads, potentially, never make it into the funnel retargeting.

This is important because we know the user is on the market for the products or services you offer based on the fact that they are actively seeking an audience them.custom intentions
Enter a custom audience goodwill.

What are custom audiences mean?
Viewers intent allows you to re-engage those who qualify, so to speak, and drives action, effective retargeting advertising audience that never make it to your website.

According to Google ‘85% of people who use the Google Search is also on YouTube ‘, which is great news as YouTube is the main network where you can reach this audience format.

Actually quite legit? I think this idea is outstanding and offers a level of quality that is truly from the user as a spectator for use in campaigns display format, minimizing the risk when it comes to these channels are being felt, generally, as a funnel-type top placement.

Knowing that these users have been actively searching for the product or service means that you can be sure they are not ‘cool’ or viewers’ upper funnel ‘, so that the message and the creative can be focused around your product features / benefits and USP with immediate CTA, such as’ Stores now ‘or’ Sign Up ‘.

Lookback window for when users would have searched for a particular keyword is seven days, so you know that they must remain quite relevant.

Create custom audience intent
This makes the audience very easily. Simply create a new audience and intention as a kind custom select your audience.

Setup custom audience intent
From here, add at least 50 keywords for use in audience habits mean. We recommend taking the best people you convert / conduct of an existing search campaign.

We’ve been testing this audience, especially in the Discovery format advertising campaigns for our clients.

This is new territory for us in terms of the format of the audience, in addition to ad campaigns invention into a very new format at the time of writing this blog post.

That being said though, the initial findings look good, so it certainly seems to prove that the model works.

For one of our clients B2C lead gene we can see that we get the average conversion of a £ 7:18 CPA is lower than the audience for this discovery than we are with the keyword search campaigns based on non-branded generic.

Custom results intentions
custom results means 2
In short, a custom audience intent seemed like a great way to add some truly cost-efficient, additional conversion volume. After all, reaching users who we know have a reasonable level beyond search intent also means less competition.

I think that we can definitely Digital Marketing Company in Bath expect this to be an important part of any media strategy of multi-channel pay-as we move forward.

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Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.