Website design can be full of technical terms and acronyms. Most people who get their website designed from Digital Marketing Company Nottingham a professional will not know SaaS from ARIA them and that is not necessarily a bad thing if you are a client. It’s not your job to know what they stand for, we had it.

But knowing the basic steps in the design of the website so that you can become more involved can help you achieve your full potential with the project. An important step in the early stages of creating a website is Wireframing, and today we are sharing how you can help to ensure things are done properly at this stage.

What A Wireframe?
In the early stages of your website development, web designers tend to use prototyping technique called ‘wireframing’. This is a structural way for website design and it is more often used to describe the basic layout of the website including the content of each page and how it will function. They stereotype consists of many basic shape with text inside explaining what will go in that space. They help create a clear basic structure before adding further visual design elements such as images, animations, content etc.

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Why Wireframes Important?
Wireframing is, like most, is really important stage of the development process and can help design a website for a number of reasons. Without wireframing, a lot of work to get into the visual elements of the site that may not be necessary and / or drastically need to change later in the process. This allows for both the designer and the client are on the same page in terms of layout and functionality before moving to the next stage of design.

They are very important when it comes to organizing and structuring the flow of the website so that customers clear path can be described and it can make sure that every page is somewhat accessible. They are often referred to as the ‘skeleton’ of a website and allows designers to get the basics right before getting ahead of themselves and have to start completely from scratch later in the process.

Provide Feedback as a Client
The benefits of having a picture frame, as a client, is that they allow you to provide clear feedback before advancing to the next stage of your website. Wireframes often have the ability to be ‘live’ so that you can click and navigate your way through a prototype website without all of the additional content in place. This will allow you to see clearly, no frills attached, if your website is working and navigating in the way you expect.

With wireframes into the basic outline of a website, this is the best time to make major changes before all the other elements of the design are taken. Elements can be easily moved and are bound to look better in terms of design if changes are made at this stage not once all the elements of color, text and graphics etc. have been implemented.

So whether you are just about to start the design process, or you’re thinking of getting your website redesigned at this time, you’re now aware of an important part of the process. Talking to your prospective agent / freelancer on wireframing and involved in the web design process right from the beginning.

Wireframing is, an important step is important to us here in the fresh Way when it comes to our web design Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham services. We will focus on creating a picture frame around your website’s goals, aiming to create something that we, the designers, and you, the client, can be proud of.

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