It is a well known fact that leads are a necessity for content marketing. They are the blood to run a business. Many companies fail because they don’t know how to generate effective leads. Content marketing has proved to be the best method of lead generation. In a study, more than 90 percent B2B marketers said that content marketing generates more leads than other conventional forms of marketing. So, if your business rely on content marketing then you need to focus on the lead generation because it is very important to make your content marketing successful. You must be thinking what are some lead generation tactics for content marketers. Don’t worry I will be talking about that in this article.

How is content marketing connected with the leads generation? Let’s look at it this way

In order to make more sales you need to generate more leads consistently, and to do so you need to produce good quality content. So this is how they both are interconnected with each other.

Now what are some basic elements that are needed to generate more leads with content marketing.

  • Providing valuable quality content
  • Identifying target audience

This is such a basic thing but many marketers don’t maintain these simple elements, they produce low quality content which is not valuable to the target audience. So this mistake should be avoided.

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You need to produce long form high quality content that contains valuable information for the audience. Besides that, you need to identify your target audience. You should figure out what your audience is interested in, what are their needs and preferences and then according to that information you need to produce content for them that will add some value to their knowledge.

content marketers

lead generation tactics for content marketers

Identifying the audience and then producing quality content for them is the most essential thing to do in in order to generate more leads.

Here are some lead generation tactics for content marketers. Let’s take a look at them

✤ Create a high value lead magnet for your website

Now a days people don’t have the time to spend hours on researching on a particular topic, they need everything real quick. If they have a problem they want the solution to that in short. Lead magnets just do that. This is the fastest way to generate leads in large numbers.

Create a high value lead magnet for your website which is a detailed and to the point piece of content that provides the answers to the problems of the audiences. For instance, some of the lead magnets are e-books, webinars, quizzes, reports and videos. They need to be informative as well. Lead magnets are short enough to employ immediately. They solve a particular and immediate problem.

Though they need to be detailed but should not look much broader as nobody has the time to go through an essay so make them highly targeted. For example, people may not read ‘The ultimate guide to SEO’ but they may take a look at ‘7 effective SEO tactics’. So they should be highly targeted to your specific audiences.  

✤ High value content

This is the most important aspect of any content marketing strategy. Original and high quality content leads the way always. Even Google always prefers to rank websites that produce valuable content. Because your audience need some quality content that will add some value to their knowledge. Regardless of the type of content, you need to produce long content which is well researched and well informative.

Your audience is looking for information so that thy don’t have to spend hours researching themselves so do that work for them. Because if they find your content worthy of reading they may likely to share it as well. Insert quality backlinks that will help your SEO to get more rankings to your website and as a result of which the organic traffic on your website will grow.

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✤ Optimize your content  

Like I already discussed content marketing is the best method to generate leads. So you need to optimize your content to get the most benefits out of it. Create long posts that contain valuable information which will add knowledge to user. You can promote your own services in your content only when relevant.

Add a button where people can subscribe to your newsletter. You can also create targeted content downloads. For instance, if you have written an article on ‘how to generate leads’ then you can give your audience the opportunity to download that. Provide a PDF version of your article for your audience to download it.

✤ Make a better landing page

The main purpose of building a landing page is to make more sales because these pages are specific for a single purpose. When a user clicks on your landing page then you need to make it in  such a way that the user don’t get distracted and only focuses on the service that you are providing. If you have many CTA on your landing page then the user will get confused and might end up leaving your site.

So make your landing page specific for the product or service. Your CTA button should be easy to locate. It should be visible to the visitor so that it’s purpose of converting is fulfilled. The purpose of a landing page is to convert so if your landing page is not what it should be you will lose your leads.

✤ Have guest blogs on your platform

Guest blogging is an effective way to improve your brand awareness. You can capture leads from guest blogging. Some websites allow you to insert a link in the author bio in the guest post. You can add a link to a landing page where you are providing a specific product or service. You can leave a link to a lead magnet or to a special offer or whatever suits your brand.

To wrap up

Lead generation is an important step in any marketing strategy but when it comes to content marketing then it is the best platform to apply these lead generation tactics. Because if you are able to do it successfully then you will see improvement in your website SEO. Your website will draw more organic traffic and the ranking of your site will also improve.

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