If you are into the field of Digital Marketing then you must be aware of the importance of having a great SEO strategy. Search engine optimization or SEO is the tactic to draw traffic on a website organically. It involves driving organic traffic to website by using tactics like relevant keywords etc. It is an unpaid tactic. Unlike SEM, Search engine marketing which is a paid tactic to draw traffic to a website. So, success of good SEO strategy can be seen in many signs like increase in website traffics and improvement in rankings. But what are some signs which will tell us that our SEO strategy is not working anymore.

Lets take a look at them.

7 Signs your SEO strategy is not working anymore

SEO strategy is not working

Here are seven signs which you might see if your SEO strategy is failing

1. Organic traffic is decreasing

A good SEO strategy will result in growth of the website which can be seen in the number of increasing organic traffic on your website. But if you are witnessing a steady decline in the organic traffic of your website then that is one of the most prominent sign to tell you that your SEO strategy is not working anymore.

Check the analytics regularly, if you see a continuous decline in your website traffic then you need to stop your old SEO strategy and start working on the new one. Find out what are the causes behind this decline. And then remake your SEO strategy accordingly.

2. Keywords ranking are decreasing

Day to day fluctuations in ranking is perfectly normal but if you are seeing a continuous downward trend of keywords ranking then you need to be alert. You need to recheck your SEO strategy. Look for the reasons behind the drop. Maybe you have a competitor that has quality content and relevant keywords that is increasing their findability. Accordingly make changes in your Keyword strategy.  

3. High bounce rate

This is the most definite sign to determine the outcome of SEO strategy. Bounce rate is the percentage of time taken by the visitors to leave your site. A visitor usually don’t spend more than 10-15 seconds on a site if it is not good which will increase the bounce rate of the website. So, this is a strong sign your SEO strategy is failing.

There are many reasons behind having a high bounce rate. Bounce rate can be improved by doing couple of changes to your website. For instance, making your site more responsive, mobile-friendly and fast. The bounce rate of your website should be as low as possible.

4. Your website has thin content

If you are not producing high quality original content then your ranking will definitely drop. Giving thin content on website is one of the most common reason for rank drop which tells us that our SEO strategy failed.

Google ranks websites based on the users experience so if your website doesn’t provide good content then it will rank your website lower than those who provide good content. A 300 word article will not provide any important information. Your content should be long enough to cover all the necessary details of the particular topic you are writing on.

Produce longer content which should only have the relevant information that will add value to the users knowledge. You can also add images and graphics to make it more interesting and engaging.

5. Dull conversion rate

A dull conversion rate is a common sign of a failing SEO strategy. Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors on your website that converts into customers which means those visitors that buy your products or services.

If the conversion rate of your website is low then you need changes in your SEO strategy cause its not working anymore. If the traffic on your website is not the right kind then that will unlikely to convert those visitors. Check where you are lacking, is it the wrong keywords or keywords that don’t attract the visitors. For instance you are selling a woollen rug and your keyword is just ‘woollen rug’ then you won’t bring the right customers instead use keywords like ‘discounted woollen rugs’ or ‘woollen rugs on sale’ this will bring more customers.

6. Low quality backlinks

Good quality backlinks is an important part of your SEO. If you aren’t giving backlinks from quality websites then it will affect your SEO negatively. It will lower down the traffic on your website and eventually the ranking of your site will drop.

Or maybe you tried to buy backlinks that will not go down well because you may get penalized for that. You need to make sure that the backlinks on your site are healthy and from quality sites and they don’t come from any spammy pages.

7. Still using old school SEO strategy

Change is the only constant. You cannot deny that, it has to happen. This is not the ancient times that you will use the old technology everywhere. SEO strategy needs to get updated with time. Google comes with new updates every now and then which affects the ranking of website.

So you need to stay updated with these updates and re-arrange your SEO strategy according to that. Like now Google gives priority to those websites in its ranking which are mobile friendly and provide good quality content, it wasn’t the case few years ago. So you need to change with change.

To sum up

SEO is such a broad spectrum in digital marketing where many points can make or break the strategy. It is important to consider every point in detail before making SEO strategy. Because good SEO means good business.

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