I’m sure you all are well aware of Digital Marketing, but there is a new form of marketing which has gained pace in the last few decades and that is the ‘Content Marketing’. This article is going to move around the ‘content marketing mistakes you need to avoid.’

Content marketing mistakes

I read a quote somewhere and that was “I write to find out what I think” and this quote got stuck inside my head. It’s a good way to bring your thoughts onto the paper. Some people are unable to express themselves through words. I am one of them. I can’t speak a word but when I have a pen in my hand then I can write thousands of words. That’s how writing is so important. You can forget things that you have heard but it is not possible to forget something you read.

But sometimes it is possible to make some mistakes while creating content that could prove to be a huge blunder for your website. It is necessary to keep some points in your mind while creating content for marketing.

Following are listed few content marketing mistakes you need to avoid.

Content marketing mistakes you need to avoid

#1. Understanding the needs of your audience

Before attempting anything, not just Content Marketing it is very important to carry out complete research on your part. In content marketing, you need to-

  • Research the interests of your audience and provide them with content they are looking for.
  • Try to connect with your audience on social media, people that are connected to your site. You can create polls to know the hot topic among your audience.
  • Try to build a section of loyal readers by listening to their feedback and suggestions.
  • Try to implement those suggestions that will ensure your audience that you are genuinely interested in their needs.

#2. Invaluable Content – Important Content Marketing Mistake to avoid

Quality wins over quantity. The content could be less in quantity but should be of some value to your audience. They should gain some knowledge and valuable information from that. You need to make sure that-

  • Your content is authentic and not copied.
  • It is not dull and is engaging to the audience.
  • To make it more interesting and engaging you need to add unique images and videos which are relevant to the theme of the content you are providing. Few animations will also help.

You don’t want your reader to sleep the moment they start browsing through the content.

#.3 Ever-changing Content

No matter what time, some things never go out of style. Producing transitional content would make it lose its value after a period of time when it might became irrelevant to that audience. So it is necessary to-

  • Produce content that is timeless and doesn’t need many changes with time.
  • Try to make it in such a way that people of different ages can relate to it.
  • It should provide a sense to the audience that they can always come back to it, because it will stay relevant.
  • Whenever necessary, try to update it rather than creating new one. So that your audience can also stay up to date with it.

#.4 Your content should speak for yourself

Every writer has a different style of writing. Some makes their writing so complicated that it becomes difficult for the reader to understand it. You should make sure that your style of writing is good enough to put you in the spotlight. Some writing techniques can be keep in mind while deciding your style of writing-

  • Uniqueness is what everybody desires for, try to make sure that your writing is purely original which in itself makes it unique.
  • Nobody likes people who beat around the bush. Same goes with writing, try to convey your message in a straight forward way rather than making it complicated.
  • Always stick to the main them. It is easy to get diverted from the core of your topic which confuses your readers and that’s not a good thing. It sends a wrong message about your writing.
  • Another way you can make your writing interesting is by giving it a little informal touch. It helps your reader to relate with you more. You can talk directly to your audience with your writing. It will build a personal connection with them which will make them come back for more.
  • Do not use complex language. Not everybody carries an Oxford dictionary in their pocket. An important message should not get lost under the complex words.

#.5 Less promotion- Common Content Marketing Mistake to avoid

It is totally fine to have confidence in the quality of your content. But let me tell you that even Famous Film Like Avengers which is the 2nd highest grossing Hollywood movie of all time had extensive promotions all over the world before its release that too when it had famous celebrities like Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and many more who don’t need any introduction and promotion but still the movie was promoted on such a huge scale. Simply because quality of content is not enough if you don’t promote it.

#.6 Mobile friendly content

I can’t stress enough on this aspect and I have mentioned this point in my other blogs also because it is such an important factor to make sure the success of your content marketing. The large section of world that uses mobile phone deserves to be on the priority list of content marketers. It can make a huge difference.


Along with above mentioned points it is of utmost importance to first have a plan and then follow it in a sequential manner, step by step and make sure to not skip any step. Besides that, you need to publish the content regularly. This strategy is also used by You Tubers who post videos consistently. Follow these techniques and make your marketing successful.

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Apoorva : I am a writing geek and a bookaholic who is exploring different genres of writing. Currently writing about Information technology, digital Marketing, SEO, latest technology & marketing trends. I am always curious to learn new things so I can enhance my knowledge. I like to maintain authenticity and originality in my writing. I assure my readers that I will try my best to produce the finest content for them.