Improved independent contractors and freelancers are only tools are their laptops, as well as young entrepreneurs is undeniable. Especially in this age of information and technology, new Digital Marketing Agencies Nottingham business ideas that mainly relies on web commerce and Internet usage continues to emerge.

While many entrepreneurs and freelancers can and do set up a home office, or take to the coffee shops, just as much, this arrangement proved to be less effective. However, most individuals in this category are not ready for or do not really need a formal office suite. But, especially for entrepreneurs, working in an environment surrounded by other like-minded individuals, or those who can help them get started strengthening their ideas, often proved to be both more effective and more satisfying. There are many Co-Working Spaces in Leicester and we have tried and tested a few of them!

Moreover, not everyone has the resources to create an effective home office as well. And while the coffee shops are trendy, they lack reliable availability of space, especially for groups, and useful tools and resources such as copiers, white boards, and the like.

Thus, the demand for a new type of office space has led to the creation of a “work co-” – basically a shared workspace with a work area for individuals and groups in which they can either work alone or collaborate and network.

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London is full of working co-places, especially places like Impact Innovation Hub and Warehouse. But Leicester, with many graduates from local universities we aspire to start a new business venture or make their way as a freelancer, unfortunately has been lacking in such an innovative workspace.

However, that has changed lately, starting with one of the universities themselves! Here, we will give a brief overview of the 7 best co-working space in Leicester to help you find a creative and productive environment to get your business or idea off the ground.

Coworking best in Leicester for Freelancers & Startups

  1. DMU Innovation Center
    De Montfort University opened their Innovation Center in 2015 to students, staff and visitors as an incubator for entrepreneurs and free lancers. A central part of their work they co-cafes in Leicester City Center.

Work co-smoking cafe for all ICMs (Member Innovation Center – it is free to sign up to be a well ICM). Working co-café boasts:
• Free Wifi
• Availability of using whiteboards, flip charts, and even Mac
• meeting rooms and flexible working
• Hot drinks and snacks are available for purchase

cafe open for use 8: 30-05: 00.

It is a large room, which is designed specifically for co-working, especially for those who work in business start-ups who want to enjoy the ability to collaborate with others or simply surrounded by like minds and encouragement.

The only real weakness to work co-cafes ICM is that it is located in the heart of the university campus, one gives a lot of sense that the ICM and its café-limits to non-students, which does not really happen.

DMU innovation center

  1. Dock
    Dock is a versatile workspace location. It mainly focuses on offering specialized office space of various sizes as well as meeting rooms and a variety of services, such as telephone and internet services successfully, which is not really suitable for people in the early stages of a think-tank of new business ideas.

However, that said, they also have a Startup Lounge, which is the space they are specifically designed for those who want to work in co-working or shared workspaces. They Startup Lounge includes:
• Wi-Fi is very fast
• Many independent work stations
• Seating is comfortable throughout
• Printing Facilities
• Meeting room at a discounted rate
• 24/7 access

In addition, those who use the Startup Lounge also eligible to use the resources Dock Business Growth, which includes the 1-2-1 coaching business, marketing strategies, financial Digital Marketing Company Nottingham planning and more.

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