New new year, right? If you have joined a gym, quit drinking or quit a bad habit, you are already on the way to improve. It should not stop there, what your marketing strategy?

Many business and marketing decision Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield makers to be satisfied with a strategy that does not give the best results of marketing. Have you been with your current marketing agent for eight months to eight years, you should always analyze the results and success of the campaign.

You do not need to be afraid of change, change is good. There are so many benefits of switching to a new digital marketing agency, refresh your strategy and pick up some new ideas. If the time to break up with your current agency, there are a few things you should know before getting into the intricacies of switched digital marketing agency.

So many businesses have placed their trust in SEO agency only to have their trust was broken and the results are broken. We have seen it all on Digital Ethos, trust us. From struggling start-ups who realize they have been scammed by a large institution, for hidden and shady results submitted by foreign companies.

5 Reasons To Leave Your Current Marketing Agency

1 My Digital Agency Is Lying To Me

If your digital marketing agency promise the world and deliver nothing, you should be concerned.

SEO industry has historically build a bad reputation for itself. In the eyes of many people, SEO has long been seen as a way to manipulate your rankings in the search engines through deception. black hat practices are common, and many shady institutions rely on gimmicks to attract and retain clients.

Fortunately, the world of SEO has evolved. Institutions such as Digital Ethos more sophisticated, honest and driven by quality and yield. Most SEO agencies in 2019 to rely on white hat techniques and organic strategies to help their clients.

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However, some institutions deceive or lie to clients desperate times they are competitive, sometimes because they are still stuck in the mindset of the black-hat, and sometimes because they do not know any better and they deceive’re *** **.

2 I Do not Provide Evidence Agency Work

Ask yourself, if you receive regular updates of your marketing agency? Does your agency to explain the statistics and the impact on the campaign? Does your agency consider your business objectives and set measurable KPI?

If you are new to the contract, then a few months may be a little too soon to see significant results but you’re well within your rights to ask for shipment. That being said, your agency must be transparent from the beginning and should be submitted following:

SEO audit of your website.
An analysis of your site backlink profile.
Optimized page content.

3 They Can Share or describe their technique

If you’re curious about your SEO tactics, want to learn about the process or just want to have control over their work, you should be entitled to this information.

You should be able to just pick up the phone and arrange a meeting to talk with your campaign manager about what happened, you pay for it at the end of the day.

If you find yourself asking your agency questions about their work and get this response, or something similar, you have to run!

“As an SEO company, our efforts on the needs of your name to remain confidential. We do not want to risk our competitors figure out our strategy. “
“Oh, we’ve done a lot, it would take too long to explain.”
“I’m not sure what we were doing exactly, I’ll get back to you soon and let you know.”
“We have done a variety of things, but in Digital Marketing Agencies in Sheffield the short term, but you will not understand.”
If your agency is doing white hat SEO honest, they should have no problem explaining what they do. They really have to do this without you having to ask them.

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Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.