Does your website slid down in the ranking? Here are some possible reasons and solutions for Google ranking drop. Staying on top is an indicator that everything is running successfully. When your website stays in top ranking it gathers more traffic and vice-versa. But it will be a nightmare to see your website ranking dropping suddenly.

In this article I am going to list some possible reasons and solutions for Google ranking drops.

Google ranking

Reasons and solutions for Google ranking drops

# Reason 1.

Sudden website redesign

  • If you redesign your website, it is possible your website’s ranking will drop.


  • Make sure that 301 redirects are properly in place.
  • The website should be well optimized.
  • Make sure the inbound links are working properly on your new website.

# Reason 2.

Plagiarized content

  • Copy pasting other website’s quality content to improve the traffic on your website does not go down well with Google.
  • Google doesn’t want its user’s to feel cheated by reading plagiarized content.
  • Google even penalize for these deceptive activities.


  • Make your content original and valuable.
  • You can add some infographic to make your content more engaging.
  • Make your content authentic and innovative.

# Reason 3.

Algorithm Changes

  • Google updates its algorithm time and again. Some of these updates are large and unsettling.
  •  Large changes in algorithm usually affects ranking in a negative manner.
  • Websites that aren’t compliant to these updates sees their ranking dropped.


  • To effectively deal with these changes, you can follow Google Webmaster Guidelines in words and spirit.
  • You might as well not follow malpractices to gather traffic.
  • Follow legit and effective marketing and traffic strategy.

# Reason 4.

Loading speed

  • Nobody likes to sit in front of their computer screens waiting for the website to load.
  • Loading speed is a major factor of drop in the Google ranking.
  • The more slowly your website loads the chances of the drop in ranking is more. Because it gives a bad experience to your user.


  • Make sure the loading speed of your website is good enough to keep your visitors stay on the website for long.
  • You can use Google’s PageSpeed Tool to check your website loading speed from time to time.

# Reason 5.

You’re tracking the wrong rankings

  • If your site has been around for a while, then it is possible you are still using the outdated keywords that are not relevant for today’s users.
  • The natural language comprehension ability has been improved.
  • In present times, people are using more natural language to seek results.
  • If you are still counting on old key words then you might be tracking the wrong rankings.


  •  You need to update your keywords strategy.
  • Try using more natural language and relevant complete sentences.

# Reason 6.

High bounce Rate

  • If people leave your site within 10-15 seconds straight from the home page of your website. Then that increases the bounce rate of your website.
  • The higher the bounce rate the higher the drop in Google rankings.


  • Make your website more engaging in order to increase the time spent by the user on the website.
  • Measure the bounce rate on Google analytics.

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# Reason 7.

More spam links

  • Having unnatural spam links on your website affects your rankings.
  • Low quality links tends to drop the ranking of your website.
  • These spam links harm your website. They takes the user to unsafe sites. And Google takes note of these bad practices and may also penalize your website.


  • Only relevant and natural links should be included in your website.
  • Don’t forget to fix broken links.
  • Write authentic and quality content and promote it well on social media in a totally legal way.

# Reason 8.

Underestimating Competitors

  • When you’re ranking Improves somebody else’s ranking goes down and vice-versa. So it would be a huge mistake to undermine your competitors.
  • Your competitors are consistently improving their websites while your site is not even fully optimized.


  • SEO services are a must in making your website stays on top. SEO efforts are never ending and require constant work.
  • Make sure your website is promoted well and is completely optimized.


These above mentioned reasons and solutions should be followed in order to remain in the top Google’s ranking. Having a successful website is an indicator of your integrity and originality. These are not the only reasons for drop in your website’s ranking but they are the most common mistakes that lead to the drop.

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