We loved the article Deadly Sins good, so we decided to make one myself about … you guessed it! marketing. When it comes to marketing your business, it is important to get your facts straight …
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  1. there is no plan in place.
    As with any other business strategy that you do, you should have a plan in place. There is no point in throwing something together and put out to the public if you do not do your base and work necessary elements.
  2. The message is not consistent.
    Everything you do needs to be consistent; consistent with other messages and is consistent with your brand. You do not need to put the message out there if potential clients can not identify them with your business.
  3. online do not match the offline.
    You must be sure that everything you do online is consistent with a brick and mortar store or office. Clients will not be impressed if you position yourself as an expert online, and they then met with a salesperson in a store that is not fully knowledgeable.
  4. promise what you can not deliver.
    You must be authentic in everything you do, from the content on your website and social media posts, to face-to-face meeting with your clients. You only get one bite, and the client will not come back if they had a negative experience with you.
  5. ‘no’ to social media.
    Social media is a marketing tool, and it is another touch point for your brand along with advertisements, newsletters and website. Social media may not always be the answer for your business, but if your target clients are there, then you can talk their competitors now.
  6. do the hard sell.
    Marketing is not about promoting your business at every opportunity you get. Promotion is an important element for marketing, but also about educating current and potential clients about the benefits of your product or service. You need to position yourself as someone who knows all there is to know about the TV, rather than people who just sell TVs.
  7. do not measure what you are doing.
    Everything you do should be measured. You must have adequate tools in place at any point in your marketing to determine what works for your business. The best way to do this is to simply ask potential clients where they heard about you when they make an inquiry.

be sure to avoid the seven deadly sins Digital Marketing Companies Stafford of marketing to set yourself up for success.

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