Instagram has begun testing a significant change to the level of such common platform erase count and make visible metrics only for content creators. The test has been launched Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton for a select group of Canadian users will have the number of likes and video footage removed from their Instagram feed, permalink pages and profiles.

This is great news. Since the beginning of the platform, likes and comments have social currency for posting. This metric indicates the popularity and value of the content shared by users across demographics and industries.

In an effort to shift the focus of social performance to prioritize mental health, Adam Mosseri, head Instagram about products, announced that Instagram is trying to encourage “conscious use application” more, shifting metric visibility to emphasize creativity, originality and expression rather than competition between users.

Instagram feed showed photos of the Canadian National Exhibition

What’s changed?
Previously, the number of such visible for each user who can see the post a photo or video. As calculated directly below the image or video, highlighting some of the key users and the additional amount as the post has been gathered.

With this new test, the post will still feature key users who liked the content but the total amount has been switched from a value to a short line of text reading “..and others”. While the total as the present number can only be viewed by the creator of the content, the user can still click the “… and others” to see a list of users who liked the post.

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All posts continue to display information and comments, and can still be shared with other users via direct messages and user stories (but only if your account allows content creators to it).

What does this mean for business leveraging strategy paid on Instagram?
Although such a count could be a strong indicator of the relevance of the content and successful, the strategy paid leveraged by businesses should be primarily focused on goals that are not likely to suffer as a result of this-that brand awareness and engagement, or click through.

Users lose sight like amount will not affect the ability of the brand to target and serve the content to the audience segmented in order to place the relevant content in front of them to produce favorable action. For example, sponsored posts and advertising content from fashion retailers still will land on their target demographic feed, regardless of whether or not the user can see the number of posts like amount.

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But what about the influencers?
We know what you think you are, and you may be right: this test can cause a massive change disturbing to influencers who only rely on people as a key indicator of the value of their content and success.

However, such a content marketer, we understand that the content is strong, do not like, that fuels the engine influencer marketing. While such people can be a useful metric for review when the brand brokering a deal with influencers, it is important to consider the involvement, follower growth, reach, the completion of the video, and click-through rates as well. The key is to ensure the goals of this campaign is clear and measure success with the right KPI.

At this early stage, the removal of such an amount is still in testing by Instagram. Brands and marketers may be concerned about how the count is reduced as visibility will impact their campaign goal, but the viability and impact of Instagram marketing has proven out.

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