Have you recently got into Digital Marketing to promote your business? Then you must be looking for various kinds of Digital marketing rather than just common ones like content marketing or Email marketing. So you can start with Video Marketing. Yes, Video marketing has become so much popular in the past few years.

According to a survey, on an average, a visitor spends 40 minutes on YouTube daily. It doesn’t look like a very big statistic but if I tell you that around 30 Million people spend this much time on YouTube daily, then wouldn’t that be a big statistic right.? So, it shows us how much people spend their time watching Video content. So, clearly video dominates the online world but not just on YouTube, on other social media platforms also. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter also came up with the video streaming feature because they realized the amount of users that they were missing out.

Likewise, businesses have now started realizing the importance of Video content to promote a product or service. They are now trying this very popular form of marketing called Video Marketing.

So, what is Video Marketing and how you can start with it? Don’t worry, you will get all the answers to these questions in this article, so bear with me

What is Video Marketing?

start with Video Marketing

It is basically the marketing of products and services of a particular brand or business by producing video content. Like how a brand promotes its product through written content or by advertising it on huge billboards. Same way when the details of a product is conveyed to the audience in video form it is called Video marketing.

For instance, you must have seen many video ads while streaming YouTube, they all are examples of Video marketing but there is a little difference which I will discuss later in the subsequent sections.  

How to start with Video marketing

There are some steps that should be followed before you start with Video marketing. Let’s jump right into it

✽ Begin with your video goals

The step while outlining your Video marketing strategy is to begin with the goals you want achieve. There are three stages in it which you should know to decide which one you want to start with according to the level of your audience engagement with your brand.

  • Awareness: In this step, you will make the user aware of the problem he or she is facing by defining a challenge or opportunity to the user. In this stage, your videos should attract the users and introduce them to your brand especially the new users.
  • Consideration: In this stage, after users have realized their problem, they will look for the ways they can solve this problem. They will be doing a lot of research and will look for recommendations, product reviews to find effective solutions.
  • Decision: Now that the user is so close to the solution you have to present your prospect with proof of customer satisfaction before them. Provide the reasons why they should chose your brand over others.

In short, Awareness stage is to attract new customers, Consideration stage is to engage them and the Decision stage is to seal the deal. A delight video can be created for those who have already bought your products or services.      

✽ Look for your target users

This is where the difference can be seen which I mentioned earlier in the article. Most of the video ads that you see are not targeted. For instance, the ads that we watch on TV are not targeted. On YouTube also you might see some of the ads that don’t match your interests. So, this is an important step to follow if you are serious about Video marketing.

You need to find your targeted users. Because your content can reach to people who aren’t the right ones and can’t reach to the right ones, those who are likely to convert.

Develop your buyer’s persona, because the people who will buy your product are the ones that you want to reach your video with. You need to figure few things after mapping out the buyer’s persona

  • Target audience for your product or service- your buyer’s persona
  • The purpose of your video- this is where they will fall in the marketing funnel
  • The place of your target users- this will tell you where to distribute your video

✽ Decide the kind of story you want to tell

When you know your audience and what they can expect from you, you need to think what kind of story you want to tell them. Your story should contain a basic framework which is

  • A protagonist that should have a goal in line with the goal of your target audience
  • The pain point of the audience to which they are looking the solution for
  • Next is the way you present your product or service in alignment with their problem
  • Last is the resolution which is how your product is a solution to their problem.

Together these things should be portrayed like a journey that your audience can connect with and which should also be in line with your brand.

✽ Don’t lose track of time

Every part of this process should have a reasonable timeline you can stick to, for instance, the production process should have a timeline, likewise the creative process and the distribution process too.

You need to make sure that you are on track according to what you planned out. This is a crucial thing to complete your task within time.

✽ Have a pragmatic budget

Definitely the more money you have the better content you can produce but the new companies can’t have a lot of money to invest in their marketing strategy. So, no need to panic about that. Start with a practical budget and as you move forward successfully you can increase the money you put into your marketing strategy.

Allot money for different processes after discussing it with financial experts. Because the right amount of money should be given to the right stage of this process.

Creating videos can cost you a lot of money so you need to do a total research on how you can create something that is good enough to put before the audience within your budget.

How does Video improve the SEO?

Video content definitely has a positive effect on the SEO. Search algorithms are giving high priority to websites that have video content on them. Search results lists those websites first. And even audience would most likely to visit a website that would give them the total information regarding their product or service in a video form which would be time saving for them than to read about it.

Besides that, videos also make your snippets larger and more eye-grabbing which means the users will be most likely to see it before they see the other results on the page.

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To sum up

Video marketing is on the rise and I think no time can be better than the present when we are witnessing a huge increase in its usage. It is a very fruitful form of Digital marketing. And it is relatively an easier process than the other forms of marketing. So, its advantages should be implemented well in order to make your brand successful.  

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