GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation and entry into force of the new data protection law in Europe. GDPR purpose to protect EU citizens from privacy and data Digital Marketing Agency in Bournemouth breach and will change the way businesses communicate with clients and how the data will be handled.

While this new law seems to only affect Europe, given the global world we now live in, it really will impact global organization if they have a visit on any online channel with the Europeans. And with most of us now have websites, social media pages and other online channels that Europe has done, or could potentially visit, GDPR is definitely something that Australian companies need

This particularly affects you if you have establishments in Europe, offering goods and services in Europe, or if you monitor the behavior of individuals in Europe (which if you use any kind of online services such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, Facebook pixels and more, you ).

How GDPR happened?

As the level of online activity continues to increase over time, privacy has become a major issue for many people.

Customers continue to provide their data via the web, shop online and social channels they believe that the company received was only going to use it to provide them with personalized and relevant content. Growing issue is that the brand has been exploiting the data their customers.

GDPR expected will reduce the risk of one’s data exploited, by limiting how much data companies can collect, how data can be used, and how long the company can keep the data on file.

How GDPR will affect Australian businesses and marketers?

Although the change would take effect in Europe, many global companies are rolling out changes to their data policies to make sure all the bases covered.

How will the data collected will be changed. At current count on the marketing of pre-checked boxes for collecting approval for marketing communications. After GDPR which came into force on May 25, 2018, this would not be an acceptable way to collect data under the GDPR. Now marketers have to be more deliberate in how they get customers to opt-in.

According to the regulations GDPR, marketers should make clear what personal data will be processed, how, when and who will process it, and for what purpose they are collecting data. Consent must be freely given, specific and informed.

GDPR apply not only to new, but the existing data as well. Users will be asked to prove that they have permission to use personal data if requested. This means it must provide a list of current customers, lapsed, new, inactive and active.

Marketers also need to provide a list of email subscribers. When collecting consent and data, marketers must ensure that they receive appropriate and propose the date and time of approval, the approval method, and a copy of the registration form for reference purposes.

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So what should you do to make sure your business is compliant?

  1. Educate and inform your team

Ensure that all members of your company realize GDPR and people related data GDPR know what is and the impact it will have. Workshop on what you should do as a company to remain compliant, subject to how much business you do with Europe, or how many European visitors you have your online assets such as websites, databases and social channels.

  1. Audit the existing database / file

Have a look at your personal data currently holds business and understand where it comes from and how it has been used. Consider if you need to segment email lists to get additional opt.

  1. Make sure you have a data policy, and review anything you need on the spot

Update your privacy policy to Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth make sure they fit with GDPR new regulatory requirements.

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