Great Expectations: The Truth About Digital PR Campaign
We have a problem.

This is what Digital PR and SEO Twitter had to say about the campaign and our posts That’s not the only thing marketers content, digital PR and SEO to say; others have called attention-seeking people in our community and discuss our best work post pressure all Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham the time in a long thread on a Saturday morning when we all get to sleep or have a cup of tea.

But, you know what? I am guilty.

I have been using Twitter as a platform to congratulate my team and to share how proud they were of me. I have been using Twitter to shout about the victory of the campaign and the number of links for the client. I have been using Twitter as a marketing tool to communicate with the brand and potential sales leads. And I did not stop there …

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moz con 2019
I stood on the stage MozCon 2019 and walk you through how to create a campaign that went viral and generating hundreds of layers of links on using strategies Digital PR Newsroom, and while there’s nothing wrong with what I’m doing at that stage or what I say on Twitter , the challenges we have is that I did not show you the full picture and what the reality of digital PR and link building can be like.

Shows you a complete overview
A year on from MozCon 2019, and while in the virtual stage MozCon 2020, I wanted to show the full picture and this begins with our creative campaign breaking down into three pillars, including:

  1. The big win – a campaign that went above and beyond the target link
  2. The great failing – campaigns that generate little or no link
  3. Steady players – our daily campaigns that hold a good number of links

It visually shows both how we talk about three types of creative campaigns, with a large focus on (above) shared win:

Visual end below shows what our day to day look like as a content marketer, digital PR and link builders. You can see that most of our campaign work on fall into the category of players ‘stable’, which resulted in a good number of high quality, relevant links, which in turn have a positive impact on traffic and ranking.

We will face a number of challenges as an industry if we do not celebrate their steady player and talk about our lessons from the failure of the campaign. If we focus on our laurels and just win, we are at risk:

It gives the impression that we do not have a failed campaign
Putting too much pressure on ourselves that each campaign to go viral
Normalization of ideas every campaign needs to get 100 + link to be good
Establish realistic expectations and KPIs with stakeholders and clients
Make the other person feel like getting 5, 10 or 20 link is not good
We know the campaigns appear stable can encourage real success for clients and ultimately impacting SEO KPI important, such as traffic and ranking. Can you think that you have worked on? Of course you can.

It is also very important to recognize as a community that we used to focus on the victory as link building and digital PR is difficult, and we know that there is an element of risk that you are plowing budget and resourcing to create assets that may not produce the results you want.

We have noticed a trend emerging for creative types and formats that do well and generate links in this space, from static infographics in 2009 to Instagrammable map of 2017 and the ‘best job ever’ stunts in 2019. This is likely to continue into 2021 video takes over, and so on into 2022 where we can see the virtual reality into the tactics used in digital PR campaign.

With good reason, we are guilty rinse and repeat and we can do better.

Step 1 – The Truth about digital PR lies in the failure of receiving
The first step in showing you the full Digital Marketing Company Nottingham picture talk about the failure of the campaign, accept them and learn from them.

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