Content everywhere. In every nook and every cranny of the internet, content is being churned out at unprecedented levels.

No wonder then that we are starting Digital Marketing Company Nottingham to see consumers switching off or feel overloaded. Although the content created will probably get better engagement with it down.

So something needs to be done. Now we can not go back – we can not stop creating content, the genie out of the bottle so to speak. We can, however, create a kind of more interesting, unique and interesting than the content.

So here I will run through some ideas for the kind of content that marketers can really begin to make more frequent, and that is especially appealing to consumers. If you have any other ideas, let me know in the comments.

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Game / Interactive Content
Although gamification has seen a huge increase in the business world in recent years, marketers have been either slow or hesitant to adopt.

branded games have been around for a long time, but rarely do we see a game created for marketing purposes only – lead generation or brand building games, for example.

It really has to change. Studies show surprisingly gaming 1.2 billion people worldwide regularly – which is about one in six people! Can you really afford to not try to target this market?


Many marketers may be put off by the perceived costs of a game or application development, and it is true to say it may cost a little more than a blog post, but the ROI on the content of the blue chip is going to be great – and if you’re creating a web games HTML5 , for example, the cost of construction will not be excessive.

Brands like WWE and McDonalds have adopted exactly this approach in recent years to great effect, look at the time of engagement with customers on average 5-10 minutes. Imagine being able to capture the attention of potential clients for the amount of time!

The fact is that a decent game, application or piece of interactive content should not cost significantly more than a decent video, but can have 10 times the value back in terms of engagement.

Podcast zeitgeisty enough now, and ebooks are a marketer’s best friend – so why not combine the two?

Audiobooks need not only conserve Stephen Fry – if you’ve got an ebook or whitepaper, why not consider having it read out and recorded?

Studies have shown that commuters were far more likely to engage in passive content such as audiobooks and podcasts from active content such as reading during their daily commute.

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This means that with the right content, you Digital Marketing Companies Nottingham can catch the attention of the client at the time of day when none of your competitors can see. Does not sound appealing?

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