Is Press Release important for SEO? For ages now, digital marketers and PR professionals have been at sixes and sevens with this. So, for the answers- yes, Press Release does play a role in SEO. Press Release is an official statement given out by an organisation to journalists or members of news media to be published publicly. This official statement can consist of whatever information the organization wants to release publicly. The purpose of a Press Release is to make news, get attention or generate publicity. It’s a cost effective marketing technique for creating brand awareness, online visibility and getting traffic on your website.

Press Release for SEO

Since Press Release is such easy marketing, it is easy to abuse. To make it work for SEO, it is important to execute it properly. Or else, it can also have an adverse effect and put your website in jeopardy. Thus, it is important to be judicious when it comes to using Press Release for SEO.

In this article, we will talk about-

How Press Release can be useful for your SEO

It can be useful for your SEO depending upon how you use it. There are a few tips as to how you can put it to best use.

# Striking Headline

Hook your audience with an interesting headline. Journalists receive legions of requests for this from various organizations. If you want them to publish your PR, you need to stand out even just to get them to consider your draft and read it. Coming up with a headline that is engaging enough to grab readers’ attention is crucial to make journalists actually take interest in reading your piece and ultimately publishing it if it’s good enough.

# Make it interesting

Don’t issue a Press Release only because you think it’s good for SEO. Doing this just for the sake of it is not going to be of any help. In fact, if you want reputed journalists and media houses to take on your Press Release, you need to give them something interesting and relevant enough. Hence, before you go for a Press Release, ask yourself this genuinely- Is this new interesting? Will it interest the readers? If the answer to any of these questions is no, consider changing the subject. And if it is still not interesting but you think it needs to be published then make it interesting.

The bottom line is, if you don’t have anything interesting to share, nobody would want to read your Press Release and for those who do, it may leave a bad taste.

# Keep it short

Nobody wants to read a lengthy and boring Press Release document about your company. The point is just to give information. In fact, a long and dull Press Release will discourage people from reading it and you won’t succeed in communicating the information— thus the whole purpose will be lost. If journalists find it relevant enough, they’d thoroughly cover your story anyway.

# Don’t spam

It is important to have a respectful and professional relationship with journalists and members of the media. Don’t spam publishers with your Press Release scripts. Target a few reputed journalists or media houses, pitch in your Press Release request once and wait patiently. Since they constantly receive a large number of Press Release requests, it takes time to read all of them. Understand that and be patient. We hate spam messages and so do they. If you think regularly popping up in their spam would help you get noticed, you are not entirely wrong— except that it is going to be only for wrong reasons.

# Target the right people

There is a large number of publishing platforms where you can send your Press Release. But that does not mean that you should distribute it on all of them. Proper targeting is important here also. In fact, if you send out to every publishing platform out there, it can have an adverse effect. Your Press Release showing up on a vague platform can dilute its importance and hard your business’s virtual image. Hence, before pitching different publishers to issue your PR, do a thorough research on them and target only the relevant ones. Appearing on only a select few reputed platforms will help your Press Release weigh more.


Press Release can be an effective tool for Search Engine Optimization as long as you have something compelling enough to say and know the right way to present it. While considering it, make sure that you have an appealing headline, engaging and crisp content. It is also crucial to take care whom you approach for issuing your Press Release and how you do that. Doing it the right way can help you yield great results for SEO.

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