There is absolutely no doubt that the idea of ​​having a home connected (smart home) is something that really Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle can have anyone excited. Just think of all the possibilities and mind to be able to speak commands to the device to automate things are too good to be true … right?

The principle of having a home that is connected based on a single goal reap the benefits of making life easier. However, it is important to note that the internet things have been known to have several drawbacks. The largest is the amount of privacy that you would give up when you decide to adopt it into your home / life.

This post was inspired by a recent article I read in the police call a murder suspect Amazon Echo gather insight to support effective or not he is guilty. While most of us do not plan on doing evil, I began to think, “how much privacy we actually give up at home connected …”

So here are some ways in which the will disturb your privacy; These simple facts can really help you decide if you really want a home that is connected or not.

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It is one of the main challenges you have to face when you embrace the IOT. You will agree to various terms of the services in the past to use a different service etc; but it will be anything like the depth of an IOT’s terms of service. This is because the idea of ​​the connected home provides snippets of information about your personal lifestyle to people or parties who may disagree.

For example, it is easy to determine how you drive if your car will be connected to the IOT. This will allow insurance companies to calculate how much you will pay as insurance; You can get really high premiums because you brake too hard or excessive speed. The opposite would be applied.


Another area of ​​challenge is to do with hackers. Your home can be easily attacked by hackers even the most experienced. There was a group of researchers from Germany who never means designed to intercept data that allows them to monitor what people watch television shows at any given point in time.

Because there is a large amount of personal data that could be open to being compromised, you can almost say you will no longer have secrets because everything can or may be accessed.

security challenges

There are many other security issues that companies need to address before the actual IOT privacy can be guaranteed. There is a group of Microsoft researchers are finding that smart home platform from Samsung (SmartThings) has many loopholes that can be easily exploited by hackers. According to them, this platform is not Digital Marketing Companies Newcastle complex enough as it was originally thought, and can be easily maneuvered with the most basic of hackers.

So there we have it; some things to consider when deciding whether or not to have your house activated. It is obvious that you may have to sacrifice your privacy if you want to take advantage.

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