Some Lesser known methods of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the reality of today’s marketing methods. We all are aware of various types of marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, Search engine marketing etc. But there are some less popular methods of digital marketing which I will talk about in this article. When anyone starts a […]

Guide to Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Have you ever wondered if there is any way you can make side income online? But you are too new to online marketing. Then you can try Affiliate marketing. This is your beginners guide to Affiliate marketing. Online platform is never short of ways by which you can make money. […]

What is Brand Positioning Strategy in Marketing?

As any expert would tell you, brand positioning lies in the heart of marketing strategy. This is all the same for online businesses. For effective digital marketing, one needs to understand the concept of brand positioning. So, if you have an online business, this is something you must know! Read […]

5 P’s of Effective Email Marketing

Businesses have been doing digital promotion through emails for long now. It has existed as a digital marketing tactic since the dawn of email services. And, it continues be a crucial marketing tactic till date. Wondering how to get the best out of email marketing? Then these 5 P’s of […]

What are the 5 C’s of Email Marketing?

To practice a marketing technique effectively, it is important to be thorough with the basics. What do you understand by marketing through emails? Just creating an email list and sending commercial emails? If your understanding of email marketing is limited to this, you can never succeed with this one. Hence, […]

5 Best Ways to Align Sales and Marketing

Marketing aims at creating leads. These leads are further nurtured into becoming buyers. Hence, marketing and sales are interlinked. None of these functions are possible in isolation. You need marketing to make sales happen. At the same time, you need to close business deals to achieve your marketing objectives. Therefore, […]

How Referral Marketing Program can Work for Your Business?

A customer recommending a product or service to another has a higher tendency of making conversion happen than any other marketing tactic. Thus, businesses actively seek to create a positive word-of-mouth around their brand. In this article, you will find how referral marketing program can work for your business. If […]

How is Press Release important for your SEO?

Is Press Release important for SEO? For ages now, digital marketers and PR professionals have been at sixes and sevens with this. So, for the answers- yes, Press Release does play a role in SEO. Press Release is an official statement given out by an organisation to journalists or members […]


Digital Marketing Agency in Glasgow, September 2020: In the showcasing universe of CMOs and Strategists over a promoting office, marking office, advertising office or advanced office, not certain the number of us genuinely know the distinction between the two terms. From what I’ve seen, experts including some main ones at […]