As a Digital marketer you must be wondering about how this pandemic will change the way you work, the strategies you prepare and what other trends that people will see in Digital Marketing post COVID-19 era and why not?

COVID-19, the worst nightmare people are facing all around the world has changed the way we live, the way we work, the way we study. This pandemic impacted many fields negatively but it gave a huge boost to one field which is the online platform, whether it is online education, online shopping or online working. We have witnessed a huge rise in the usability of the internet. Businesses have taken note of these rapid changes and are altering their digital marketing strategy as well. Because things will not be the same for the world when this pandemic ends, for some, things will change for the worse and for some, things will change for the better.

We are already seeing many new areas been unfolded in the realms of digital marketing but people are more concerned about what shifts will be observed post pandemic. Marketing predictors are carefully observing and analyzing these potential trends that we might see post COVID-19 pandemic and they have come up with some trends as well. So, in this article I am going to discuss six trends that we all will see in Digital Marketing post COVID-19 era

6 Trends of Digital Marketing post COVID-19 era

Digital Marketing post COVID-19

The future of marketing is now. It is digital; which we are observing everywhere. The conventional methods of marketing are running out of business and in most of the areas marketing has gone completely digital which is the need considering the impacts of pandemic. So what are some trends that we might see in the world of Digital Marketing after this pandemic ends. Let’s jump right into it

1. The approach will change

The first trend that people are expecting to witness is in the approach of Digital marketing. Until now, the approach with digital marketing has always been more wholesome, whether in the traditional marketing or in the digital marketing. But now that people are more active on the internet it would become very important to change our approach. Up till now the changes in customer’s behavior were not given that much importance but now we would see a shift where business will be more aware about the changing needs and preferences of their audience.

Now the business will try to give a more personalised and relevant experience rather than a generalised one which doesn’t cater to different needs of different people. Business will dig deeper into the interest and demands of people and then SEO tactics will be planned out accordingly. Targeted ads will be more common and related searches will be used to drive the customers interests.

2. Digital Marketing will be a legit profession

Though digital marketing is a legit profession at present too. But people will start accepting the value and demand of it more. We are already seeing a huge rise in the number of digital marketers all over the world. After the pandemic ends this trend will continue to rise as most of the businesses and companies have gone online all of them require skilled marketers to promote their brand online. So digital marketers will be in huge demand and people will see it as a real, legit profession.

3. Increase in investments

With competition getting more and more stronger between many brands joining the online platform, one trend that will strongly be observed is the rise in the investments. To make their online presence more stronger and promoting the products online to earn more profits brands will start to invest more in their marketing strategy tools including SEO, online advertising, conversational marketing and other forms of marketing. Basically the ROI (Return on Investment) generating tools will see a high influx of investment.

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4. Collaboration between brands

This one is very much possible as we know the competition will be high so to cut down on that competition brands will start collaborating specially small and medium enterprises. Sometimes these kinds of collaboration can benefit both the parties. Both brands have their online presence so they can make a symbiotic partnership which will give them mutual benefits. Also the amount of money that brands invest will be more if brands come together to work. The small brand can get benefit of the wider customer base of the big brand.

5. Increase in the customer engagement through live streams

This is a trend that is still going on. From social media to other live streams platform we are witnessing a huge soar in live streams being conducted worldwide. Whether it’s a launch of a product or an important Webinar or an important meeting. Live streaming is the trend that will affect digital marketing. People prefer to watch videos which give them more information about a product rather than reading about it.

Live streams is a great way to showcase your brand and also it increases the engagement between you and your customers. Customers can connect with you real time. They can ask questions about your product and you can ask for their suggestion and feedback in a live stream. So brands can use this platform to promote their products in order to grow their business and brand value.

6. Rise of user generated content

This is one of the best marketing method for any brand without actually actively marketing their product. User generated content is a post that could contain text, image or video which shares that person’s experience with a particular product or it can be a promotion of a campaign started by a particular organization.

So, in this if a user has posted about a product that she used from a particular brand that post can be shared by that brand which will be a more effective strategy rather than using a model in a picture as people like to prefer real people experience of a product they are interested in. So, this will be a great way of marketing post COVID-19 era.

To wrap up

This pandemic has been devastating for many areas of work. But for digital marketing it has given a thrust to it. And this thrust will help the online brands grow their business. So, when this pandemic ends we will see a huge surge in the online presence of brands and their marketing as well.   

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