As Artificial Intelligence continues to evolve can it be used for digital marketing? Digital Marketing is the most common form of marketing in present times. It has completely overtaken the traditional methods of Marketing. Digital marketing is a form of marketing where you promote and sell your products using digital means like internet, mobile phones, social media or email etc. So how you can use Artificial Intelligence to promote your products digitally? In this article I’m going to talk about how we can employ Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing.

Artificial Intelligence has gained very much popularity in the 21st century. Now it is being used in various domains but one domain where it can prove to be fruitful is Digital Marketing. Yes, it is very much possible. Earlier, marketers were a bit reluctant to include Artificial Intelligence in their marketing strategy. But now we can witness big brands like e-commerce giant Amazon applying Artificial Intelligence in their marketing strategies and that has proved to be a game changer for them.

Artificial Intelligence has brought a revolution in the field of digital marketing. It is undoubtedly the reality of today. And ignoring it can do more harm than good.

Artificial Intelligence for Digital marketing

What is Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular technology trends in 2021. Its meaning is as complex as its heavy name. Let me break it down in simple words for you. So Artificial Intelligence, as the word suggests; intelligence which is Artificial. Humans have a natural intelligence. When this intelligence is simulated artificially in a machine it is called Artificial intelligence. It can be a robot like Sophia, the first Humanoid robot which has human like features and intelligence. Other examples of Artificial Intelligence include Google maps, Face recognition technology, Digital assistants like smart Siri and many more.

Machines and other electronic devices like computer, Mobile phones perform like humans with features like face identification and recognition, voice recognition, voice translation etc.

In a world where maximum of the things are on internet there is a huge increase in storage and analysis of the huge amount of data that it produces. Artificial Intelligence is transforming that, it has the ability to collect and analyze huge amount of data. It is being used to improve digital marketing strategies. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the future of digital marketing.

So, let’s see how we can employ Artificial Intelligence for Digital marketing

How to employ Artificial Intelligence for digital marketing

➨ Implementation of AI chatbots

The most important aspect of any digital marketing strategy is to ensure that the customer facing services are made up to the mark in order to increase the efficiency and user experience. AI chatbots are the perfect solution for this. Chatbots are majorly in use to provide better customer services to the users. In comparison to manual customer service, AI chatbots has got an upperhand.

Chatbots are like the one stop destination for users browsing the products on your website. Customers can ask those questions about the products or can ask any query. There is an automated welcome message after which businesses can choose to direct the customers to a live chat with the customer service representative to ask furthermore queries. Chatbots has many benefits.

  • AI chatbots do away with the conventional one on one interaction with the customers. Instead, chatbots can interact with multiple number of customers real time in different time zones.
  • Unlike manual representatives that can’t function all day and needs some rest. AI chatbots don’t need rest they can function round the clock. That means while the office is closed they are still providing services to the customers. So, they are highly efficient.
  • Another advantage of AI chatbots is that customer get to choose language preference which will help the business deliver localized services.

➨ AI digital advertising

Social media platforms are a great place for digital advertising. If we go by what e-Marketer reported, digital ad spends all over the world in 2018 was estimated to be more than $273 billion and this may potentially increase further.  Digital advertisers are now adopting AI in their area. Social media provided AI a platform to work in order to provide the best customer experience.

What AI does here is it analyzes all the data related to the users like age, gender, interests and demographics and according to that it shows the relevant advertisements which enhance the performance of digital ads.

AI can use customer’s information to spot the trends floating around the internet. Besides that, it can also predict trends analyzing customer’s data.  This will help the advertisers to figure out where they need to spend their money.

➨ Marketing through Emails

This is another platform of Digital marketing. AI helps businesses to personalize email marketing campaigns based on user’s data analysis and can help the brands send targeted emails which means relevant email will be sent to the users with product recommendations based on user’s behaviors.

AI email marketing will help the marketers to plan out their strategy that will produce the maximum results. It will help brands to reach their potential customers by making sure that the content of email is relevant and engaging to them which probably will convert them into their regular customers.    

➨ Content Marketing

AI can also analyze which content is relevant and most effective for which audience. It can help the brands to figure out their right audience, so that they can design their content keeping their customers preferences in mind. Marketers will get a better understanding of what their customers are looking for which will allow them to make and share content that works best for their customers.

For instance, a study says that 40% millennials trusts video content the most making it the second most efficient form of content marketing beside blogs.  AI will also help brands create high quality and effective video content for their audience.

To wrap up

It goes without saying that AI is changing the world for the better. Businesses are getting help from it to enhance their growth. AI helps brands determine their right audience to send the relevant recommendations and quick customer service. If you are a new brand you can use this most amazing technology to grow your business and provide the best customer service to your customers.