Digital marketing is the reality of today’s marketing methods. We all are aware of various types of marketing like social media marketing, content marketing, Search engine marketing etc. But there are some less popular methods of digital marketing which I will talk about in this article.

When anyone starts a business, the one thing that is on the top of their priority list is marketing and in 21st century it is synonymous to Digital marketing. Digital marketing is using the digital medium to promote a business, its products and services. This is done by making a website of the business and promoting it on social media or other platforms. Digital marketing was born in 1990s and since then it has evolved into many forms and there is no doubt about it.  Some of the forms got more popular like content marketing, social media marketing but there are some which did not get the due recognition they deserved. So, I am going to throw some light on them. Let’s get right into it

Lesser known methods of Digital Marketing

methods of digital marketing

Here are some lesser known but important methods of digital marketing

✱ Video Marketing

We all know content marketing which includes blogs or articles but a part of this content marketing which is less known is Video marketing. It is a form of content marketing where the content is produced in a video format. A video is created and later uploaded on various platforms like company’s website, YouTube, other social media platforms to give a boost to brand awareness, generate conversions and seal deals. There are some video marketing apps that let you analyze the leads you are getting.

✱ Voice Marketing

You must be aware of Amazon Alexa or Google Home right? they are a great example of voice marketing. People can ask their questions and queries about their topic of interest. Many websites allow voice search which is very important. Your website should be optimized for voice search to draw organic traffic. In addition to that you can also create Alexa  of your own.

✱ Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is the skill to have one on one personal conversation by meeting customers when, where and how they want across multiple channels. It is not limited to live chat; it extends to emails, phone call, text, Facebook Messenger and more. First try to find out which channel your audience is on. The goal here is to work through multiple channels without sending slow responses, internal miscommunication or productivity loss. For that you can use conversational marketing tools like a unified inbox to streamline your work.

✱ Buzz Marketing

‘Viral’ this term is always surfacing on the internet especially on social media. Every now and then you can hear on news this video has gone viral or that picture has gone viral. So what happens before a video goes viral. In most of the cases there is a whole marketing strategy behind it. Buzz means creating interest in a product or service or drawing attention of the people towards a particular product. For instance, the new Apple iPhone is creating a lot of buzz on the internet.

This is a viral marketing strategy where an environment of anticipation and Interest is created for an interesting content, an event and taking help of influencers to create word-of-mouth marketing for the product that is about to launch. So, before an Apple’s iPhone launch or a new BMW launch a buzz is created weeks before the actual date of launch by the marketers. This works best when you partner with a social media influencer to create a sense of suspense and excitement about the product.

✱ Stealth Marketing

In stealth marketing, a brand hires famous celebrities or uses pseudonyms to promote their product or service where consumers don’t realize that they are marketing the product to them. For example, a business will hire an actor who will subtly promote the product to the audience, by using sockpuppets and paying social media influencers to promote their products by posting it in a way that the audience don’t realize that it is actually an ad.   

✱ User generated Marketing

People’s opinion is really important when it comes to marketing a product. Big brands constantly conduct polls on social media about their new products and they ask for customer’s feedback as well.  In user-generated marketing, brands ask the audience for ideas, information and their opinions on social media or run polls and contests to know how they can improve a particular product or what addition and deletion can they do in a new product.

✱ Interactive Marketing

You should posts videos with which your audience can interact. This interactive marketing gives you the freedom to be creative in order to grab audience’s attention to your product. For instance, interesting video and interactive infographics.

✱ Persuasive Marketing

You must have seen that Samsung ad where the technician is trying to reach a remote place and when he does he finds out that the kids living there are blind and it all made that ad emotional. So this is another strategy. People tend to continue with things they are emotionally associated with. So businesses take advantage of this aspect. They try to connect their product somehow with people’s emotions and sentiments to kind of persuade them to buy it.

✱ Proximity Marketing

In proximity marketing, brands use beacons, which are Bluetooth devices that send messages to the people that are in proximity to their brand stores. They sends alerts of discounts and various offers so that next time a person  walks by one of their stores he might stop and take a look. A business sends localized alerts to the customers based on their location.

To sum up

Online Marketing is a very large domain and it takes a long time to cover every type of marketing for your business’s growth. So it is important to be patient. These less popular marketing methods are also very important once you set up your business. These should be included in your marketing strategy.  

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