Whenever we talk about WordPress and security, it is important to address the question right off the bat. How secure WordPress? The answer is, WordPress is one of the most Digital Marketing Agencies in Southampton secure web application publication available, and it is because of the status of the open-source WordPress’.

Now, this may seem contradictory. If the source code to the WordPress open and anyone can see it and tamper with it, and anyone can contribute back to the project, would not that make the project less safe?

Well, the reality is actually the opposite, because the open-source application built by the people who use them, and those who develop WordPress has a vested interest in the application to work and be safe.

That means every time a vulnerability is discovered in WordPress, WordPress community as a whole band together to find a way to patch this vulnerability and then send updates back to the people who use WordPress. This is what causes this constant update applications. You will often see new updates every month, and it is also why WordPress is growing so fast. Because the community work together to build a better application, we get the security updates immediately, and we also get the update feature all the time, with new features and new functionality built in.

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The point is, WordPress is safe thanks for your vigilance. As a WordPress user, you are automatically part of the WordPress community, and that means as long as you keep your WordPress website up-to-date, you have a secure site, and if something happens to your site, you can communicate directly back to the community WordPress, and society will come together and find a way to patch the hole and then distribute patches for all those who use WordPress. It is the constant feedback that creates a safer environment really agile and able to deal with the problem immediately.

And you can see that the phenomenon of right action. Some time ago (in the version which is far, far away) found major security vulnerabilities in WordPress and Drupal which can result in the site will go down and it becomes impossible to recover. It can also result in server crashing and a lot of dramatic things happen. Now this is not as WordPress or Drupal not be safe. That’s because the intrinsic problem with a web server that can be utilized due to the fact that WordPress and Drupal are both running on the MySQL server.

What happens when a vulnerability is discovered is that the researcher who discovered the vulnerability not only immediately publish or by using it, he contacted the security team of WordPress and the security team of Drupal and tell them about the vulnerability, and both applications were immediately able to push out updates to the application to the user before vulnerabilities are made public. The result is a WordPress 3.9.2, which came out of the blue, gets auto-installed on millions of WordPress sites around the world through the auto-update, and then the security patch fixed before people even know it exists.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how WordPress safe is, just notice how often release point this out, and you will know that every time you see one of them, it means someone found some Digital Marketing Companies in Southampton way to get into the app, and then someone else immediately repaired it, the code for each person using the application, and basically solve problems before they become real problems.

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