In the marketing world and strategy in an advertising agency, brand agency, Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi not sure how many of us really know the difference between the two terms. From what I’ve seen, including some of the top professionals in leading marketing agencies use the two interchangeably. The reality is that they are actually very different and mean different things. Confused? Appearance Let’s see how they differ.

Understanding Strategic Marketing – what we are not really sure!

This is a planning approach and more of a process. I call it the ‘how’? This approach defines how an organization differentiate itself from the competition by focusing on its strengths, what we term as boiler plate, for value addition. It involves the active participation of the organization’s strategy and top management because it requires the allocation of resources, improve product quality, definisng WHO \ APA \ WHY and allocate budgets. This includes marketing objectives of an organization as a whole and include all products or services.

strategic marketing analyzes a variety of factors such as the performance of the organization, the competitive environment, competitors and customer demographic behavior in order to achieve organizational goals.

Understanding Marketing Strategy – what all Marketing & Creative Agencies do!

Honestly, this is what we do most of the time as CREATIVE INC is a very strategic and marketing communications agency driven planning. It can be described as an organization plan for the target audience with planned communications framework, generate leads and ultimately lead to conversions.

This plan defines the future course of action in terms of marketing deliverables. Therefore

“Creating a marketing strategy not only micro planning but also include aspects such detailed Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi weeks consisting of all media marketing across consumer life cycle to meet the ultimate goal. we term this as a functional strategy “.

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