There is an ongoing petition calling for the abolition of the world Proteins Are you beach body ready? advertising on Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth the London Underground. It has more than 50,000 signatures. ASA has received more than 200 complaints.

Critics say the campaign, which features a bikini-clad models promote weight loss supplements, supports the “fat shaming ‘movement that promotes low self-esteem and eating disorders among women.

You would expect the company to withdraw the ad.

You would expect the CEO and marketing teams to have their tails between their legs.

Twitter feeds you would expect to be full apology.

But the world does not do PR proteins in a way that you expect.

It seems that the spotlight is turned Protein World campaign by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett feminist author, who writes about the issues himself with Beach Body Ready ad in The Guardian on 15 April.

But the trend does not take a step until people began to destroy the posters London Underground protest, about a week later.

One change message to the Beach Body Is Ready! while another wrote Stop encouraging women to starve themselves.

Others add a sticky note stating Every Bodys Ready [sic], triggering #eachbodysready hashtag.

Turkish Body Ready – Train campaign


This chart shows how interest in the World Protein skyrocketed in social media at the end of April.

The growth of interest in the World Protein


The backlash against the backlash
Rather than trying to appease their critics, the World Protein stand with advertising campaigns, and began to fight.

Richard Staveley, head of global marketing for the World Protein, told HuffPost UK Lifestyle: “We really do not have any intention to remove ads for minority making a lot of noise.”

Chief Executive Arjun Seth told Channel 4 news that people defacing the World Protein ads are “terrorists”.

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The Company has also sent a few tweets that are less professional, and retweeting content of supporters #TeamProteinWorld questionable.

Protein World reaction against the Twitter reaction

They even allied with the British ‘most hated woman’, Katie Hopkins.

Katie Hopkins – World Protein

Katie Hopkins is good for PR?
The response has left many questioning their PR tactics.

Katie Hopkins CEO Tweet

But there are also a lot of support, and Chief Executive claims business booming on the back of publicity.

5000 subscriber growth in 4 days

sales tripled – World Protein

Beach Ready Body Will reactions prove all publicity good publicity conventional approach, or the will of the World Protein for PR backfire in the end?

What I do know is openly attacking Digital Marketing Company Bournemouth the criticism – particularly potential customers – is a risky tactic, and one that will not pay off for most brands.

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