The Best 5 Free Tools To Measure Your Website Digital NRG Explained By SEO & PPC Agency
At Digital NRG, we are often accused of “black magic”. Get a website to the top of the first page of Google is not “black magic”, also not rocket science.
It is to understand what Google wants to see the information on your website and in which specific areas of your site. This, along with a few simple tools to “technical problems” and you can understand why your website does not rank well for Digital Marketing Company in Bournemouth search terms (often called keywords).
Below is a description of the 5 best free SEO tools to measure how your website is read by Google and what changes to make your website rank better.
Before getting into the best tool to use to check your web site, I want to mention one that you should not use Google itself.
If you use Google to search for keywords related to your industry, you build in Google’s history of search terms you use and the sites you visit from the results. If you’re looking to say “widget in London” and click on a specific website, Google remembers this website and will put it on the top of the results you see. In search of “search terms” related to your business and then clicking on you, or your competitor’s website, then Google will show your website, or your competition, at the top of your results. It’s not the same result that potential customers will see.

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Search Term Analysis Keyword / & Research Tool Guide
Before understanding the reasons why your website is not ranking, you need to research a term that you should aim to rank for. A keyword is a term used in the SEO industry to describe the word or words that members of the public will be included in search engines, such as Google. It can be confusing as the “keywords” can be one or more words. So all of these will be the keywords related to this article:
“SEO Tools”
“Free SEO Tools”
“5 Free SEO Tools for Measuring Your Website”
“The Best 5 Free Tools To Measure Your Website”
Regardless of the length, characters or words in the search, they are all “keyword”. In the SEO industry, a “keyword” which include more than 3 words are called “long tail keywords”. Generally, it is easier to rank, because there is less competition, for the “long tail keywords”.
Your goal is to find the best keywords that relate to your industry, the “long tail keywords” better, with the highest search volume (search volume means the number of people searching for certain terms of each month)
Until 2016 it was possible to use the Google Keyword Tool to research those keywords. Since then, Google has changed their free tool to show the results of the search volume of 1-1M that do not provide accurate data to make decisions.
Very good, and free, a keyword research tool which is an alternative to the Google Keyword Tool is the “KW Finder”. You can create a free account (with limits on the number of searches per day). Enter search terms you think people might use to find your site and the geographical location (local city or state) and will return the number of people who use search terms, in that location, every month. It also will provide a long list of other keywords, and the search volume – it gives you a complete list of keywords that you would want your website to rank for. Even go one step further, and this function is better than Google’s keyword tool itself – the score of how difficult each keyword / location is to rank for, and show that currently ranks in the top 10 for a keyword in that location.
SEO agency would like to have a paid account, but a normal business website can take advantage of a free account.

Free Rank Checking Tool
Now you understand the keywords you want to rank for, now we need to check where you rank. There are a Digital Marketing Companies Bournemouth number of free tools that check a few keywords throughout the website. None of the free tools are very accurate.

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