In version 3.7, WordPress ships with maintenance and security updates automatically. That means if you have a WordPress site live on the web, and new maintenance and Digital Marketing Company Stafford security updates out of, say 3.9.2, then your WordPress site will automatically update to the new version. It is part of the process of making WordPress more secure, and also reduces the amount of time you need to spend maintaining your WordPress site. automatic update is only applicable for the maintenance and security of the release, which means release which has a number like 3.9.1, or 3.9.2.

For the full release version such as 3.8 or 3.9, you still have to update manually, simply because the full release has a new large-scale changes to the functionality or core code, and you need to know what happened before you make this update. That said, every time a new version of WordPress come out, it is always a good idea to update immediately. That applies both to the core WordPress, and also for all plugins and all themes that have been installed. So let me show you how it all fits together.

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As I said, most of the time, this automatic update should happen automatically on your site. But in some cases, for a variety of reasons, it is unlikely to happen. So, a good rule of thumb when you run your WordPress website is to always make sure you are up to date. And it’s really easy to do. If you login to your WordPress website, the first thing you will notice is at the top, the toolbar WordPress, there are recycling such as icons and has a number next to it. That tells me there when something on my site that are not up to date, in which case some plugins and themes need to be updated.


Whenever you see this icon you should always go and updates that need to be updated. You will also notice that in addition to this memorial here, I was also told that WordPress 4.5.1 is available, and I have to renew now. That’s because I disabled the automatic version update on my installation, just to show you how this works. So, if for some reason the automatic update does not work, you will still be notified that something is off and that you need to update. And just look at the screen, you can see there are several different indicators.

wordpress-update-screenUp up here, saying recycle icon 5, because we have both WordPress itself, 2 update Plugin and 2 update the theme. So if I click on the icon of recycling as it will take us to the WordPress Updates screen, where he breaks it down for us. Here, in my case, I have to first update of WordPress itself. I’m just going to click Update Now.

WordPress will be quickly downloaded and installed, and I immediately get information on what this release is, in this case is a maintenance release, and I can go see the release notes. And now I have updated WordPress, I can go back to update again, and just check all the plugins that need to be updated, and click on the update to get the new version of the plugin as well. Updating WordPress, and update the plugin and theme is really simple and can be done from within the WordPress admin panel.

That said, some people have an aversion to update because they have experience may update the version number, or update plugins and themes, and then find that the site is down in the process. Something terrible is wrong. If you’re one of those people, here’s the hard truth. If you update your site and crashes, it is almost a guarantee that this is because you have a theme that has some faulty code in it, or more likely that you have a plug-in by some broken code in it. WordPress itself is almost impossible for an accident.

So if you do not update your WordPress site because you are having a lot of crashes, you need to reconsider Digital Marketing Companies in Stafford both the theme you use, or plugins you use. And it’s really easy to figure out exactly what went wrong.

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