If you’re like most business owners you are struggling with the spread of time between generating new sales, managing employees, keeping existing customers and to host a lot of hats. Your website usually fall behind the pile of things on your to do list. Many Digital Marketing Companies in Nottingham companies usually know that their website needs a makeover or new functions, but they do not know when the right time to do it is. Your website is one of the best marketing tools and the rate at which things change online means that your website can become obsolete very quickly. Here are some definite things that is an indication that it is time to build and design a new website.

Customers You Keep Telling You?
How many times have you had a customer come in or call you on the phone and told me I could not find anything on your website. Whether you do it or sell it? Imagine how many customers do not call you and just go to a competitor who has information on their website. A redesign of the site is not just about how you look. It is also about functionality and content. Both of these are equally important to potential visitors as how the web site of your appearance. You might even have the customer tell you that they do not like your website or they find it difficult to use. If your customer says this then you have to listen and start researching how you can make your website better.

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Mobile Websites You Are not Friendly
We always emphasize the importance of having a mobile friendly website. Why? As more and more customers are now using mobile phones to search for products and services. This means that if your website is not optimized for mobile and easy for customers to use them will just shut down your website and move to one of your competitors. Google also creates a responsive / mobile friendly design factor for mobile rankings. If your website is not in your Google rankings mobile will suffer on the mobile device. You not only can improve or maintain your cell phone ratings, but your customers will thank you for providing a functional website that is easy to use. Your chance to convert visitors into sales and inquiries will increase.

Your brand Mismatch Your Website
Many businesses continue to grow their brands from time to time which includes updating their logo, merchandise, print and media advertising. They often forget that their website is a vital cog in their overall marketing plan. If your website does not fit with your brand, you might confuse potential customers and create a disconnect between the physical and online marketing. Make sure that if you advertise anywhere that the website you are aligned with your brand because the first will do when they see an ad is Google the name of your business and check out your website. Do not lose potential business because your website is not up to scratch.

Depending on the type of business you run there are several opportunities to take advantage of being online and using your website as a vehicle to drive new business. You may retail outlet that can easily expand to the world of e-commerce to improve your website. You may be a source for the information in your industry and by creating a blog you can drive new traffic and subscribers. You may want to automate access to the downloadable form and content for existing customers. The list goes on for potential reasons you can take advantage of a new website.

Remember, redesigning your website should not only be about the way the website upgrade your appearance. There are several reasons why you should upgrade your website regularly Digital Marketing Agencies in Nottingham to keep up to date with current trends and maintain a strong impression on existing and potential customers.

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