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Often when this conversation Digital Marketing Company Sheffield emerged, the most common response is usually …

“… oh I know I should but have not got round to it yet”

Many of the benefits of having backups – whether they are digital or hard copy – can be transferred in your personal life as well.

When I talk about backups, I am referring to a secure copy (or copies) of information which would seriously affect your business should an unexpected event occur.

This may include events such as flood damage, loss of electricity, building collapse, fire (electricity, combustion), a hardware fault or breakdown, crime (theft, cyber attacks, terrorism), human errors such as misplacing or loss of information, the key to that information or dangerous behavior.

How can you recover from these events to get back up and running?
It is useful to have a plan of action or contingencies in place.

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For myself, this time working from home, I have building and contents insurance and business insurance. So if something happens to my physical surroundings or my computer, I have to be covered. The data I need to keep the save on my computer is another matter – and very important to remember what my line of work is.

I do not keep the letters, I scan all, I keep a copy on a spare external hard drive and copy in the cloud. I logged delete after I finish a project because I do not want other people’s information on my computer. I made a backup of the site on my computer and on repo online there should be any unforeseen problems. long-supported project to disc in stores elsewhere, I must really need to dig into the archives.

A new process I will introduce is, when the project ended, all the files associated with that will be backed up to DVD and sent to the client. After all it is their content and media, I feel they should have the responsibility to take care of it.

From work in previous jobs I have learned how many businesses do not do any form of backup. Accounting software is not backing-up their account to themselves and clients. sole traders do not keep receipts or records stored in physical folders or scan them ready for self-assessment, or God forbid, investigation.

Contingency is the key
If you and / or your staff to sit for hours or days twiddling their thumbs because you can not go back to work or find the file, it is a waste of your time and basically money.

So it is worth creating “if this, then that” the plan, for example, if you have a power failure and can not use the computer (s) then you may have a document that can be used to Digital Marketing Companies Sheffield receive calls and orders via telephone (landline).
If there is a flood and I could not get into work, then I can log into my emails at home or at the local library.

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