Everyone usually knows that they should use social media to some extent to promote their businesses or services. Even if it was only as a way to communicate with people who are Digital Marketing Agencies Southampton interested in your brand’s social media is an important part of digital plan. Here is how the story usually goes! You’re excited at first to start up your Facebook page and you set it all nice and pretty with a profile photo, cover photo, and you get the first post done. You share your page around with your friends and you might even get 100 likes! Very interesting! Then the fun started to fade! Instead of being something unpleasant task of updating your Facebook page to become more of a chore then nothing. Your message does not seem to be cut through, as you seem to not be going up and you finally decided that it was a waste of time.

You also forgot one thing! What about other social media channels you could use? That’s right, you open a Twitter account and connect your facebook page (in this way is really useful for some reason). If this sounds familiar then you may be one of many business owners who are trying to run a social media campaign and a struggle to find something that works. Here are some tips on how you can do better on social media and it all starts with finding the right channels and use them appropriately. Setting yourself up for success in social media starts with creating a plan and adjust for specific platforms. You are ready? Let’s get started

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Channels What Should You Be Using & Why?
It’s a question that people usually do not ask when they first start using social media. You must have some purpose to start with whether it is how many people like or followers you want to get, you want to generate sales or leads you want to make. You have a couple of goals and then you have a variety of social media channels to use. I will exclude Google+ and while it is still of some value that’s not your channel will go after in itself. The main channel would you go after that Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube.

What you will notice is that all of these social media channels the same time on multiple levels all operate differently, and as such different types of content, business and services work better on different platforms. Let’s use a quick example. Jo runs an online baby store premium. Visual products are attractive and he is able to promote them easily with your photos & images. The platform will work for Jo is Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. Now we can go one step further and incorporate other channels if Jo incorporate some things into here website. Let’s assume Jo run informative blog for mothers. the content type is perfect for Twitter. informative content, useful and still have the ability to generate sales by bringing visitors to the website. Jo, can also run video products and reviews. type of unique content is suitable for a YouTube channel. Jo can use LinkedIn as a way to connect to suppliers, but will most likely not be one of its main channel to communicate with customers and generate sales. Everything you do in social media must tie back to your overall goals.

Let’s use another example to show the type of business you operate should dictate the channel you use. John is an accountant and has recently launched his own business. He was confused about what social media channels he should use. Let’s assume he’s operating in a business venture chamber 2 as that’s where all of his clients come from. We can simply say that this type of business will not get any value from using Instagram or Pinterest. YouTube video possibilities if they have useful and interesting, but probably not a strategy you Digital Marketing Company Southampton are going to invest a substantial amount of time. Remember to think back to your goals and align the channel to your destination.

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