The answer to; Is content still king in its simplest form is yes. However, as usual never that simple. Without inbound Digital Marketing Agencies Newcastle links to your site’s best content on any given topic will still fail to generate website traffic. But good content can help you build that all important backlink profile.

Content helps you grow your reach and ranked using a variety of words / phases within a page. For example if you have 2 different Digital Marketing website. They have all the same site metrics except one internet marketing including long-term and the other is not. Guess the site will rank for the term internet marketing best.

This is why content is still king, if you lose important related phase then expect either does not appear to rank them or at least worse than you can have with the content plan well-thought-out. Google is very good to work with synonyms today. They will often show you the sites / pages even if they do not include a specific word / phase on the page. However, you will always rank better if you make sure those words on the page somewhere.

Content can be divided into two parts, you have content products and services. Then you also have information content.

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Product and Content Services
Product and service content is very important for several reasons not just SEO. This is what first persuade your visitors to buy your products or services. If poorly written visitors might leave your website without considering your products or services.

This content needs to describe the products or services in a way that well-thought-out. This should be enough to get your visitors interested, then further research your business and make an inquiry or purchase.

Products and Services content is generally not something other websites will link to, it was just greeting your sales to your site visitors. You can get links to your products and services pages but this will only be the one that connects to the product / service they prefer, the opponent was a good content.

content information
This is the content made generally in your blog or on your news site area. It contains helpful informative content that is likely to get inbound links to your website. It is for visitors looking for the latest news in the trade / industry or detailed information about a topic.

This can be a great way to strengthen trust in the people do not want to buy yet. They were only in the research phase of the buying process. It is also a great way to build your Web site traffic to reach people who are not looking to buy a product or service, they just want the knowledge about a particular topic.

By creating this content you will get traffic to your site was just not possible if all your content is intended to sell products / services. This will help you build authority in trade / industry and Digital Marketing Company Newcastle the advantage given credence to both search engines and potential buyers in the future.

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Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.