Do you have one of those times when you have seen or heard something that makes your heart broke a little and started to accelerate your breath …?
This is a reaction to all marketer Digital Marketing Agencies Sheffield want from their audience, known as “hitting the hot buttons”.

Think of it this way: Do you buy a pair of shoes because it is made of leather? Or do you buy them to keep warm your feet, because they will go perfectly with your new outfit, and because they will be comfortable when you wear it?

If you want to hit the hot button of your customers, you need to get the attention and it’s all about the benefits!

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what’s in it for me?
When a buyer looking for a product or service, they ask themselves “what’s in it for me?” because they are looking for products that will offer them the benefits they need. You have to tell them what they will get from purchasing your product or service before they lose interest and look elsewhere.

Every shopper constantly bombarded with marketing and advertising so as a general rule you have about five seconds to capture the attention of buyers before they move on … so you have the make use of five seconds!

make your time count.
Rather than focusing only on price and attributes of your product, communicate with your potential customers what they will get from buying it. If they pay money for something, it has to be worthwhile. It must have a value.

The next time you ask yourself how to make your customers saying ‘wow’, remember to answer the question Digital Marketing Company in Sheffield they will ask: What’s in it for me?

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