Google Is Updating Web Page Titles Generation

After the Link Spam Update that happened last month, Google has officially confirmed that it is updating the way it generates web page titles in search results. What is this update all about? Let’s find that out. I will be explaining everything you need to know about this web page […]

You Can Now Add Status Updates In Gmail Chat

Chat is an extremely important part of Gmail all over the world. Google has made a new update which will allow Gmail users to add status updates in their chat along with active or inactive pre-made templates in order to show their activity. It is a great initiative, considering Gmail […]

Google Chrome 92 Update: All You Need To know.

Google Chrome, the world’s most famous internet browser is getting a myriad of new features with the latest update. Chrome 92 which was first made available on 20th July, 2021 has included some interesting flags and updates for web apps. In other words, Google has made some additions in the […]

Google Link Spam Update: Here Is All You Need To Know

Google is back with another algorithm update. This time it is Google Link Spam update. Here is all you need to know about this update. Let’s cut to the chase What is Google Link Spam Update? Google has began rolling out the “Link Spam Update’ on 26 July and it […]

LCP issue: Longer than 4s (Desktop) or (Mobile)

Hey friends! Are you aware of Google making an announcement on Core Web Vitals update back in May 2021? If you aren’t aware then let me tell you that it is a set of metrics webmasters or SEO can use to improve their website’s user experience. The Core Web Vitals […]

Google Algorithm Update SEO needs to watch

Google updates its ranking algorithm several times in a year. Sometimes they are small to notice but other times they are radical changes hence, it is the duty of every SEO to keep looking for these Google algorithm update. So that you can avoid further degradation in your ranking. Generally, […]

Google Shows Some Unconfirmed Search Ranking Algorithm Update

Many websites across the globe are experiencing fluctuations in web traffic. In fact, SEO tools like SEMRush, Mozcast, SERPMetrics, and the likes are also signaling these fluctuations. What? That sounds like another… yes, another Google broad core algorithm update. But there hasn’t been any word from Google. So what is […]

Now you can Send Voice DMs on Twitter

We’re not even completely two months into 2021 and more than a couple of social networking applications have rolled out new updates. Well, there are some or the other social media updates every once in a while. For effective social media marketing, it is important to catch up on these […]

Signal App Updated New Feature to Compete with WhatsApp

It all started with WhatsApp updating its privacy policy and now, it is in tough competition with its counterparts. In fact, it has lost many of its users to Signal and Telegram. Now WhatsApp is trying to win its users back. Signal has benefited the most out of disappointed WhatsApp […]

WhatsApp: Read Later Feature Coming Soon!

Messenger giant WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature. This new feature will replace an old one. After the last privacy policy and terms update, this is one major announcement coming from WhatsApp. What is WhatsApp’s new ‘Read Later’ feature? When is it coming? Read below to find all […]

WhatsApp Delayed Privacy Changes & Denied Rumours!

If you are on social media or use the internet at all, you must be aware of the whole fuss going about WhatsApp’s privacy policy update. Well, there is a big development. WhatsApp has delayed the privacy changes and has also denied the rumors. What rumours, what privacy changes and […]

What is WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy?

What’s all this fuss about WhatsApp? The messaging app giant has recently updated its privacy policy and people can’t stop talking about it. What does WhatsApp’s new privacy policy say? Why are people uninstalling the app? Why the market share for apps like Signal and Telegram is increasing? Today we […]

Share Data or Delete Account- WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

Have you received an ‘in-app’ notification from WhatsApp regarding its privacy policies? Are you wondering what that is? Here is what you need to know before accepting the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy. WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and it has shaken the internet. This update is predicted to leave […]