Google Broad Core Update or Algorithm Update is such a nightmare in the world of SEO. Many sites experience a drop in rankings after the rolling out of these updates. Wondering why do your site ranking fluctuates after Google Algorithm update? This article will answer the same.

Google is dedicated to improving its users’ search experience. Hence, it keeps making constant changes in the corresponding algorithm so as to provide with most relevant and useful results. With the changing times, requirements change, trends change; and hence, so changes the search algorithm. In fact, Google updates its algorithm a number of times every day and that’s some thousands in a year. However, it doesn’t make much of a difference to rankings.

In fact, Google has rolled out such a major algorithm update recently at the beginning of this month 3rd December 2020.

What is Google Broad Core Update?

Broad Core Update

Google constantly keeps making changes to its algorithm, so much so that there are some updates every day. Although, these updates don’t really affect the way search results appear. And if it does, it’s quite negligible.

And then there is Google Broad Core Update.

The way Google has been going about it for about the last couple of years or so, these updates come out like 3-4 times a year. These are the only algorithm updates that Google announces publicly. But what’s all the fuss for? And despite updating its algorithm every day, why does Google inform about these updates specifically?

This is because Google Broad Core Update hugely affects website rankings. After these updates are rolled out, many websites experience fluctuations in their ranking. Depending upon this, their website traffic also fluctuates.

But the ranking drop isn’t the only outcome. Apparently, as some sites experience demotion in Google rankings, others enjoy higher positions in SERPs.

Why do site rankings fluctuate?

Precisely, Google’s objective behind rolling out these updates is improving contextual results for search queries. The search engine giant constantly keeps testing its algorithm through these updates. This helps users find the most relevant and useful results.

According to Google, this should be looked at as reshuffling of websites. It is done with the objective to help under-rewarded websites enjoy higher rankings and do better. Hence, this does not mean that sites adversely affected by core updates have done anything wrong. The point behind it is not to penalize but to reward. It’s just that with some websites now becoming more visible, others naturally experience decreased visibility and traffic.

Thus, there are fluctuations in site rankings after Google algorithm updates.

What can you do about it?

Unfortunately, there is not much we can get from Google about how to remedy ranking demotion caused by core updates. Since websites affected by such updates have not violated any webmaster guidelines or done anything wrong, it is hard to tell how to cope with it. Generally, websites disadvantaged by such updates start doing fine again after the next one.

However, you might still feel like doing something about it. For this, you should basically concentrate on your content. It is of foremost importance to make sure that the content in your website is curated keeping the Google E-A-T criteria in mind. E-A-T stands for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness. Make sure your content reflects all this.

But frankly, there is no particular fix for it by digital marketing. All you can do is optimize your content and wait for the next update to bring you better news.


Google Broad Core Update is basically an algorithm update. Google carries out such updates every year about 3-4 times. The point behind it is to help under-rewarded websites do better. Therefore, rankings go up and down for different websites. However, such websites generally start doing fine again after the next core update. Thus, there is no particular fix for it and all that affected websites can do is work on content, follow EAT and hope for the best.

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