What’s all this fuss about WhatsApp? The messaging app giant has recently updated its privacy policy and people can’t stop talking about it. What does WhatsApp’s new privacy policy say? Why are people uninstalling the app? Why the market share for apps like Signal and Telegram is increasing? Today we are going to answer all these hot questions.

“WhatsApp is updating its terms and privacy policy.”

If you are a WhatsApp user, you must have received this notification in your app by now.

The application software has updated its terms & policies more than once since it was developed. But all these were coped with and forgotten. However, the recent policy has created so much sensation in the digital world.

WhatsApp's New Privacy Policy

It has created such an outrage among the WhatsApp users that people are deleting their accounts. Further, market share for substitute software applications like Signal and Telegram has jacked up suddenly over the last week.

The new policy is predicted to have a great influence on the digital communication system of some countries. Like India, Brazil, USA, Indonesia, and Mexico where WhatsApp is used widely. Naturally, it is also likely to affect the digital marketing company in Delhi systems of businesses operating in such countries.

Here’s all you need to know about this new policy.

A brief history of WhatsApp

Launched on 3rd May 2009, WhatsApp first came out as a messaging software application. Over time, it expanded its features to multimedia exchange, audio & video calling, and so on. Due to its success, Facebook, Inc. bought the application in 2014.

In 2018, WhatsApp Business, an updated version of the app tailored to cater the needs of small businesses also came into existence. This was another success. Many small and medium businesses with limited marketing budget sorted to WhatsApp for digital marketing.

What does WhatsApp’s new privacy policy update says?

WhatsApp issued an in-app notification worldwide informing its users about its privacy policy update. According to it, WhatsApp will be sharing its users’ personal information with its parent company Facebook. This user information will be further shared with businesses and third-party service providers that transact on these platforms.

What is the reason behind it?

As WhatsApp and Facebook have said, their point behind sharing user information with businesses and third-party service providers is to facilitate better services to users.

However, most privacy experts see it as another move by Facebook and WhatsApp to monetize user data.

When will the policy come into effect?

As announced by the company, the new privacy policy will come into effect starting for 8th of February 2021. This gives users about a month to take a decision. After that, you will no longer be able to click on “NOT NOW” and pass it for later.

What happens after 8th February 2021?

By the time new privacy policy comes into effect on the 8th of the next month, users will have to consent to the new terms. Therefore, after the given date, users will be bound to allow WhatsApp and Facebook to share their data with other businesses and service providers.

What if I don’t consent to the new privacy policy?

If users don’t agree with the new terms and policy, their WhatsApp accounts will be suspended. Hence, the users who don’t assent to the updated policy will no longer be able to avail WhatsApp services. This is understood to be applicable for all the services provided by this messaging application.

What should I do now?

If you are a WhatsApp user, you are basically left with two options now.

Either, you will have to agree to the new terms and privacy policy and continue using WhatsApp services.

Or, its time you export your important WhatsApp data somewhere else and delete your account before 8th Feb.

How are users receiving the WhatsApp privacy policy update?

The general reception of this new update is negative. Most of the users see the new policy as an unwarranted step by WhatsApp and Facebook. The common opinion of experts is that it’s a stride towards distasteful money-making.

Hence, a large number of social media users are planning to move from WhatsApp. In fact, many users have already deleted their accounts and uninstalled the app from their mobile devices.

What are some alternative apps for WhatsApp?

If you are concerned about your privacy and are planning to quit WhatsApp, you might need a substitute. Below is a list of some alternatives to WhatsApp:








…and so on.

However, out of these alternatives, Signal and Telegram are on the front line.

Will other be able to see my personal messages?

This is one question that has been troubling many WhatsApp users currently. The answer to this is– no. WhatsApp provides its users with end-to-end chat encryption which makes sure that the conversations stay private. Although, it is still a matter of dispute as to how safe and private communication is on WhatsApp, but it’s a different discussion. Currently, there has been no official notification announcing removal of the same.

The app still promises end-to-end encryption for its communication services, in the paper at least.

How will it affect businesses?

Many users have already moved from WhatsApp and the number is only rising every day. With the rolling out of WhatsApp Business, many small and medium scale businesses sorted to it for digital marketing purposes. Hence, the new update is naturally going to influence such businesses. If you are one such business owner or marketer, you might have to make due changes to your marketing strategies in relation to WhatsApp.

Final word

WhatsApp, an 11 year old messaging application giant has issued a new in-app notification to its users. According to it, the company has updated its privacy policy and terms which will come into effect from 8th February 2021. This update will allow WhatsApp and its parent company Facebook to share user information with businesses and third-party service providers. Hence, it has ignited the privacy concerns of many users and people are moving from the app to other similar ones like Signal, Telegram, Hike, etc. Moreover, those who don’t agree to the new terms will no longer be able to avail WhatsApp services. Apparently, the update is also predicted to influence companies using WhatsApp Business.

Hence, if you are a WhatsApp user, you are left with about a month to make one choice– either uninstall the app or compromise your privacy.

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