WhatsApp Delayed Privacy Changes & Denied Rumours!

If you are on social media or use the internet at all, you must be aware of the whole fuss going about WhatsApp’s privacy policy update. Well, there is a big development. WhatsApp has delayed the privacy changes and has also denied the rumors. What rumours, what privacy changes and […]

What is WhatsApp’s New Privacy Policy?

What’s all this fuss about WhatsApp? The messaging app giant has recently updated its privacy policy and people can’t stop talking about it. What does WhatsApp’s new privacy policy say? Why are people uninstalling the app? Why the market share for apps like Signal and Telegram is increasing? Today we […]

Share Data or Delete Account- WhatsApp Privacy Policy Update

Have you received an ‘in-app’ notification from WhatsApp regarding its privacy policies? Are you wondering what that is? Here is what you need to know before accepting the new WhatsApp Privacy Policy. WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and it has shaken the internet. This update is predicted to leave […]