Many websites across the globe are experiencing fluctuations in web traffic. In fact, SEO tools like SEMRush, Mozcast, SERPMetrics, and the likes are also signaling these fluctuations. What? That sounds like another… yes, another Google broad core algorithm update. But there hasn’t been any word from Google. So what is going on? Google seems to be showing some unconfirmed search ranking algorithm update. And here’s all we can tell yet.

Google broad core algorithm update—it is one of the most dreadful things in the realm of search engine optimization. After the rolling out of every broad core algorithm update, some sites enjoy ranking boost while most sites experience drop in their rankings, visibility, and web traffic. And apparently, this drop is dreadful.

Moreover, Google hasn’t been very clear about how these algorithm-updates work. And this makes it all the more messed up since if your website is hit by the update, you wouldn’t even know what to do!

Generally, Google announces such updates before rolling them out. And still, it creates such tension in the SEO industry. So, one can only wonder what happens when Google rolls out such an update unannounced. And Google seems to be doing something like that.

For those who are unfamiliar with what a Google broad core algorithm update is, let’s talk about it a little first.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Update

A Google Broad Core Algorithm Update is an (or a set of) improvement(s) made to the overall Google algorithm which works to understand users’ search queries and websites better. Google keeps rolling out these updates so as to improve its accuracy in matching search queries for better user experience and satisfaction.

Google updates its algorithm almost every other day. However, these updates are generally so small in nature that they don’t make much of a difference. But broad core algorithm updates can make a significant difference. Such updates lead to serious fluctuations in ranking, web traffic, and search engine visibility. While many websites enjoy increased ranking, web traffic, and search engine visibility, most others experience the otherwise. This is why Google Broad Core Algorithm Updates are usually dreaded in the SEO industry.

So, maybe it’s time for another SEO nightmare. Let’s try finding out what’s going on.

The Signs of an Unconfirmed Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update

Since this weekend, everyone in the SEO industry has been busy watching the Google search results as they fluctuate and change rapidly.

There has been a large shift in the rankings of many websites since this weekend. And looking at this pattern, it looks like Google has rolled out some search ranking algorithm update. However, it is important to note that there has been no confirmation from Google on this. But the ranking fluctuations are very apparent.

What webmasters have to say?

As webmasters noticed these fluctuations, there has been an on-going conversation on These are some of the messages from the thread:

“Massive drop this morning. U.S. semrush is on fire!”

“Anyone noticing more change this morning. We’re seeing quite alot again and the sensors seem to be flagging.”

“Drop in traffic yesterday and today continues…”

“Since 1/feb, a massive drop in traffic. Something is going on…”

“There has been some movement in our niche this morning for definite. Traffic volume is fairly stable but changes in rankings from last night to today.”

These messages show that many websites have been affected by this unconfirmed algorithm update. And even the analytical tools are catching on to it. This definitely looks like a sign of yet another Google broad core algorithm update.

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This is Not Passage Ranking Update

There was another unconfirmed update this year which was reported around 8th February. Then too, the ranking fluctuations were spotted. However, Google already confirmed two days later on the night of 10th February that it was rolling out the passage ranking update. So, the logical assumption is that this unconfirmed algorithm update is unrelated and new.

Final Word

Google keeps updating its search ranking algorithm almost every day. However, these updates don’t make much of a difference in rankings, web traffic, or visibility. But in the case of Google’s broad core algorithm update, Google generally alerts the webmasters in advance. This is so because the broad core update puts a great impact on rankings, web traffic, and visibility. However, webmasters have been noticing fluctuations since this weekend which has also been reported by SEO tools. But Google is yet to confirm it. In any case, be prepared to be hit by another Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update.

Is it an unconfirmed Search Ranking Algorithm Update by Google? Or is it just a bug? What do you think? We’d like to hear that in the comments below.

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