Over 2 billion of the world’s population visit YouTube every month. After Google, YouTube is the biggest discovery engine. That makes it the most popularly used video search platform. YouTube has constantly been evolving. In past few years, it has rolled out many updates that helped both creators and the viewers. For example, now just like other popular social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, and so, you can now upload temporary videos on YouTube too. Just like that, there are some latest YouTube updates that will improve the creators’ and viewers’ experience. Read on to learn about them.

YouTube is used by over 2 billion people globally for a number of reasons. Be it information, news, entertainment, education, cooking, health, and what not—YouTube is the ‘go-to’ of many people. And why not? Learning things through videos is so easy and fun. Moreover, YouTube is localised in 100 different countries and can be accessed in over 80 languages. This explains why businesses are increasingly adopting video marketing on YouTube.

And not just for watching videos, more and more content makers are joining YouTube to publicise their content. YouTube has many famous social media influencers. There are over 37 million channels on YouTube! This tells that YouTube is also the most popularly used platform for video content marketing.

So, with no further ado, let’s find out what these latest YoutTube updates are.

Latest YouTube Updates to Improve Creators’ and Viewers’ Experience

YouTube Updates

# YouTube Shorts

You must be aware with apps like Tik-Tok. Even if you have been extraordinarily inactive on the internet and social media, you still must have heard of this app. It is basically an app that allows creation and circulation of short videos. For a few years, Tik-Tok has enjoyed great popularity. Although the app continues to exists, many state-governments like that of India have banned this app. However, it is undeniable that the concept of Tik-Tok is quite remarkable.

Taking after that, YouTube is also set to release a Tik-Tok like version called YouTube shorts. The platform will allows creation and sharing of short videos. This move is greatly going to benefit both viewers and creators to who love to watch and create short videos. YouTube Shorts is said to be released first in the US starting this March. It has already been under testing in India and has received a great response.

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# YouTube Kids

YouTube is the largest video discovery engine worldwide. The variety of videos shared on YouTube is immense. Apparently, it also has content that is not suitable for kids. As a result, parents and guardians have to manually monitor what type of content their kids watch. But there are over 37 million channels on YouTube. Just how many channels can one block? Moreover, due to the overwhelming amount of videos uploaded on YouTube, it becomes difficult for it to spot and take down objectionable content—unless reported.

To counter this problem, YouTube has released a special version for kids called YouTube Kids. This version of YouTube has only kids-friendly content. Still, the parents and guardians can block and restrict those channels that they don’t want their kids to watch. Moreover, since the YouTube Kids accounts are required to link with the account of a guardian, parents and guardians can keep an eye on what content their kids are consuming.

# User-Created Playlist on YouTube Music

YouTube Music was launched in 2015. Since then, it has touted over 70 million official tracks. Moreover, it has also garnered a large number of playlists, remixes, music videos, live performances, and covers. YouTube Music now has over 2 billion monthly users.

To improve their experience, YouTube is rolling out yet another update. With this, the YouTube Music users will now be able to easily discover playlists created by other users.

# YouTube VR and Format Update

It’s been quite some time that in YouTube updates, VR feature was released. It offers access to both traditional 2D and 360-degree VR videos. As told by Neal Mohan, the Chief Product Officer YouTube, the platform now supported formats including SD, HD, 4K, VR, HDR, and live video “on nearly every device with an Internet connection”.

YouTube is also set to bring a redesigned YouTube VR app homepage for improving navigation, accessibility, and search functionality. This upgrade is expected to come into effect by the end of this year.

# The Video Chapter

In YouTube, the video chapter helps break a video into different sections. Each chapter has an individual preview. This feature allows viewers to re-watch different parts of a video. As a result, it helps viewers consume the video content better.

Presently, YouTube creators have to add video chapters in their videos manually. With an upcoming update, the video chapters won’t be needed to add manually. The new feature is currently in the testing mode.

Final Word

YouTube is the largest video discovery channel and the second largest search engine. In fact more and more people are joining YouTube every day for a number of reasons like entertainment, news, education, video marketing, and so much more! YouTube constantly evolves. Hence, it has rolled out some cool updates recently. Some of them are still in the testing phase and are expected to come into effect by the end of this year.

These latest YouTube updates are going to improve the experience of not only the viewers but the creators as well.

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