If your brand aims to engage Gen-Zers or young millennials, Snapchat might just do up your social media marketing. However, Snapchat might not be as useful as digital marketing platform for some types of businesses. Given that, if you’re trying to find out whether and how you can benefit from Snapchat marketing, read along.

Some of the reasons why Snapchat appeals so much to the young generation are its innovative features like Snap Map, Vertical videos, Stories, Selfie Filters to name a few. In fact, Snapchat was the first social media platform to introduce ephemeral content and the rest only followed.

By constantly introducing and experimenting with innovative features, Snapchat has managed to be a favourite of the young generation for many years now. As a result, avant garde marketers see it as an interesting medium for eCommerce brands to explore and gain customers.

And seriously, if your brand can pan-out as ‘cool’ to the young generation, that’d make a great killing. With this, let’s hop onto our

Snapchat Marketing

Ultimate guide for Snapchat marketing

1. Figure out your target audience

The first step is to have the demographics of your target audience clear. For one, if your brand caters to young millennials or Gen-Z at all, you should definitely go for Snapchat. However, if your products or services are particularly meant for middle-aged or older people, Snapchat might not be as useful. But there’s no harm in experimenting. Many times even you don’t know what kind of audience can your brand attract. So, if your audience is not too long in the tooth, Snapchat marketing is worth a shot.

2. Cross promote

After having set up a Snapchat account, the next step is to gain followers. Let your followers on other social media know that you’re on Snapchat. Share your Snapcode (a QR code that helps people follow you on Snapchat) on other social media handles that you’re active on (and if you aren’t, wyd pal?). And given its popularity, most of your followers must be on Snapchat. Once you have a decent reach on Snapchat, you can also promote your other social accounts and website.

3. Be playful

Most of the people (at least young generation) are out there on social media for fun and entertainment. So, bring out your playful side! Create fun and engaging snaps. For one, everyone loves memes! Be candid (or try to come off as so). You can also be a bit cheeky at times 😉 TBH there is no specific way as to how you can be playful on Snapchat. The key is to keep it light and chill.

4. Catch up on latest trends

In order to appear cool and playful in the eyes of Snapchatters, it is important to catch up on latest trends. This point is relevant for all social media but much more so for Snapchat. Get some young millennials and Gen-Zers on board for your Snapchat marketing to understand trends better. For instance, there is always a new meme template/or trend for every month. Only active social media participation can get you updated with that. Grab hold of ‘milo lingo’ to communicate better with your young audience

5. Launch advertising campaigns on Snapchat

Advertising on Snapchat is very easy and there’s still less competition there than on the others. Advertising on Snapchat can cost from $5 to $5,000 depending upon your advertising needs. With tools like Snap Publisher, you can create Snap Ads in a few minutes. Another useful tool, Lens Web Builder lets you choose from the vast library of different media like 3D objects, effects, animations etc that it provides with no additional cost which helps you create a custom branded AR Lens for your campaign. An engaging AR lens will tempt your Snapchat audience to create a snap using it. And that’s some easy UGC marketing for you!

6. Collaborate with Snapchat influencers

Social media influencers or social media ‘celebrities’ are people who have a great following and reach on their social accounts. Collaborating with such people can help your brand promotion to another level. Even better, you can let someone take over your social media handle for your brand’s promotion. When people see their favourite influencers promoting a brand, they tend to consider it more seriously.

However, it’s important to be judicious while deciding whom to approach. A food blogger’s followers won’t be really relevant for your Snapchat business account if your industry is not food related.

And for some technical advice…

7. Use the heck out of Snapchat

Snapchat has a lot of features, really. Explore each one of them. Draw and write on your snaps. Add background music, polls, date, location, temperature and whatever’s possible. Use Snapchat filters and lens. Post stories. Create a narrative through multiple snaps and stories. When your business is at/hosting an event, put snaps. Be interactive. Reply to your followers. Come across as easily approachable. Precisely, it’s important to be hyper active and hyper fun on Snapchat to attain your social media marketing goals through it.

In short

Snapchat is a fast growing social media channel that has over 249 million users and is particularly famous among young people. For those brands producing goods and services meant to cater young people, Snapchat marketing can be a great social media marketing tool. Snapchat marketing requires great commitment, hyperactivity, creativity… but it’s a fun way of digital marketing so it’s all worth it!

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