Social media spring cleaning this list will help you stay organized to achieve the goal of your digital marketing.

social media checklist for spring cleaning FacebookThe Facebook Ultimate Face-lift

Before diving into and dissect your social content is published, make sure you cover the basics! You will want to Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi add this item to your social media spring cleaning your list.

Profile Picture: Is your photos a few years old? Is your logo obscured or obsolete? Page refresh yourself with a new profile photo.
Cover photo: photo cover dimension has changed radically in recent years, in fact, they are one being the first thing that must be adjusted every time the Facebook released a new update. Does your cover photo are no longer displayed correctly? Has it been in place for a long time? Time to switch it out!
Hours and Contact: Make sure the hours of operation, contact info, and address all up to date and easy to read. If you are an online business, let potential clients or customers know when they can contact you and how.
About you: your About section is one of the best places to provide social visitors an understanding of who you are as a brand, be sure to use a tone and language that you want to deal with. If you have a mission statement, this is a good place to put it.
Vanity URLs: If you have not set up a custom URL page, set one soon. This will make your page easier to find and link will be more aesthetically pleasing when together.

After you discuss the basics, it’s time to take a deep dive into your posts, likes, and followers. Reviewing all the posts you’ve made since the last clean up your social media. Check that any image or photo used was normal with your brand and remove anything questionable. Often when asked “how to clean social media?” we do not think our own opinions together. If you have shared religious or political post, and you are not the brand of religion or politics, it is a good idea to remove this content to avoid the risk of alienating your clients.

After cleaning your content, take a look at your followers and people who like your page. If you see a large number of profiles bots or inactive accounts, remove it. values ​​of transparency and honesty social media users, they will not appreciate high as counting if people like it looks like they are buying.

conduct audits to clean up social media accountsBio: Your bio is one of the first thing users see when they visit your Twitter account, so make sure it’s easy to read, smart and lets users know exactly who you are as a brand.

Website: Include your web site! Make sure your links up to date and are listed directly on your profile.
Profile Photo: You never use the same profile picture for years? Turning it! If you are using the logo instead, make sure the color and design that is up to date and that the logo fully display and is not cut off by any means.
Header Photo: Do ​​header photo look great on the desktop and terrible on the phone? Have you been using the same one since Christmas? It’s time to make updates! This is a great space to give yourself more brand recognition, showcase new products, or inform the user of the offering or sale.
Unlink Accounts: Do you Facebook and Twitter related? While there is nothing wrong with this, you will want to Top 10 Digital Marketing Company in Delhi make sure that you do not have an automatic post set. Given the Twitter character limitations, your content should be tailored specifically for the platform, if you currently have a post up your auto-fill in your Twitter feed, remove them.
So you want to know how to clean up social media, but you do not take a look at your Twitter posts yet? Let’s move on.

We all know, of various brands and gaffs error viral on the Internet is never completely erased, but you can make past posts that do not align with your brand harde

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