If a picture is worth a thousand words, we can only wonder what a video is worth!

We all have cried watching at least one movie but not all of us have cried reading a book. Such is the power of the medium that appeals to both our auditory and visual senses. Out of all other media, video is the most effective.

The world that we live in– from television to billboards, text messages, online advertisements– videos are literally everywhere. For how impactful videos are, many companies have managed to achieve a higher dwell time, lower bounce rate, improvement in SEO, greater virtual viability, higher conversion and much more by employing effective video marketing techniques.

YouTube Video Marketing

Videos are simply the most engaging medium as it can incorporate all other media like text, images and audio– thus stimulating more than one senses at once. Marketers have long realized that it is one great tool that can get closest to influencing people psychologically.

If you want to exploit this amazing medium to your advantage and improve your digital marketing– we’re here to help.

YouTube video marketing strategies to boost your business

YouTube as an online video sharing platform was introduced in 2005 which has now become an indispensable medium of online marketing and advertising. Creating videos might sound like an intimidating task if you have never created videos. But now, there are many online video making tools available that can help even the non-techies make great videos.

With the help of following tips, you can use this tool to your advantage:

– Find a suitable format for your YouTube videos.

There are many video formats namely-Talking head, Interview, Screenshare, Tutorial, Explainer, Vlog, Product review etc. There is no set video format for digital marketing. You need to first sort your advertising objectives like what message you want to communicate, how do you want to communicate it, demographics of your target audience etc in order to figure out the format that suits your needs best.

For example, if you are a cosmetic products manufacturer, you can use the Product Review format while if yours is a digital marketing agency, Screenshare or Explainer type video may serve better.

– Making videos for YouTube

The best part about YouTube is that you don’t have to be a cinematographer and make high-definition, professional videos. In fact, if your video is too formal ad type, most of the people will simply skip it. Videos that are put on YouTube should be uploaded with an intention to connect and not merely to advertise. Try to keep your videos short. People like to consume crisp content.

– Cross promote

If you don’t have an audience for your YouTube videos, all your efforts at video-making will go to vain. If you have recently created a YouTube channel, make sure to promote it on all of the other social media platforms and your websites so that your existing audience can be navigated to it. At the same time, use your YouTube channel to promote your other social handles to let your YouTube subscribers know where to find you. Do not forget to share your YouTube videos on other platforms. This will help you get better engagement on your YouTube channel along with benefiting the reach of your websites and other social accounts.

Adding call to action buttons and links on your video description and channel description is one way to do it.

– Stay active

Just like any other social media platform, YouTube too demands a certain level of activeness. If you post a video once in a blue moon and don’t engage with your audience in the comments sections, YouTube marketing won’t yield any positive results. It is crucial to actively post fresh content, reply to the comments of your audience, instigate and engage in discussions to make sure that your all over internet marketing is benefited out of YouTube. YouTube has also introduced Stories like feature where you can see stories posted by different channels. Unlike on other platforms, YouTube Stories stay for 7 days and then are automatically removed. This can be a great tool for occasion based ad campaigning.


With the ability to employ all other types of media, video provides the viewers with a unique experience where both their visual and auditory senses are stimulated, thus leaving a strong psychological impression. Due to its given features, video becomes a highly potent medium for digital marketing and advertising. Thus, YouTube as an exceedingly famous video sharing platform can be an effective tool of attracting online traffic if used right.

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Somya Sharma : Regardless of being a Delhi University graduate with a major in English Literature, Somya's interests are not limited to poetry and drama. As a person who loves researching, discussing and writing about topics rooted in various disciplines, the list of subjects that tickle her fancy is ever-growing. She finds the power of psychology in marketing particularly intriguing and has set out writing blogs with the aim of helping budding marketers polish-up.