Businesses are exceedingly sorting to videography for marketing their brand. This is because video content is the most effective marketing tool. It leaves a deeper psychological impression than any audio, images or written texts. These can never achieve in isolation. Are you seeking ways how you can use video marketing to your advantage. Check out our list of 10 video storytelling tips for customer engagement.

The popularity of video as a medium of communication has exploded. From youngsters to adults, everyone loves watching good videos. Video accelerates conversion, builds trust, encourages social shares and helps with search engine optimization. This is the reason why more and more businesses are optimizing their content marketing campaign with videos. Video ‘storytelling’ aims at serving target audience through compelling narrative videos. It’s not about selling some product, it’s not an ad. You try to sell experience that can be derived from your product.

You may have a YouTube account and may be posted many videos. Still if you are not able to get much benefit out of it, this could be possible. It is because the content you’re posting. Wondering how that can be helped?

Top 10 tips for video storytelling to engage customers

Video Storytelling Tips

1. Do what serves target’s interest best

It should be your primary concern when creating content for video. Don’t think like yourself. Think like your target audience. Assess your target customers’ demographics and find out what they like. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to create content that best engages your customers.

2. Get personal

Loosen up. Be welcoming and try to establish a bit personal relationship between your brand and the viewers. If you really want to engage your audience, cold marketing won’t do. If your viewers feel your video is out there just to market a brand, they might not be as interested. To retain their attention and create engagement, it is important that your video content appeals to your customer’s emotions.

3. Personification

Having talked about the importance of appealing to customers emotions, you’ll understand that personification can be really effective. You could either personify the problem, your product solves or the product itself. This strategy worked out really well for M&M. And those chocolate candy characters are now probably the most recognized candy mascots.

4. Converse

This point can’t get simpler. Converse. Refrain from using formal or complicated language. Video content has to be simple yet interesting to engage more viewers. It is important to employ conversational tone for effective video storytelling.

5. Get an engaging narrator

To hook your audience’s attention, it is important to employ a narrator that can impress them. This is not only important when your storyteller has a visual presence but also in the case of voice-over. Your narrator must have charming voice and the power to make people listen.

6. Choose music wisely

Harpury College and University Centre researchers found that some of Eminem’s tracks could improve athletic performance by 10%. Point being, the right kind of music can create real psychological impact. Thus, make sure the music you employ in your video has desired emotional resonance.

7. Behind the scene shots

Allowing a behind-the-curtain peek into your business can make your videos really interesting. For example, there could be a video featuring production/assembling journey of a popular product. This may be a non-exciting, but your target audience might find it really interesting. This will add more credibility and trustworthiness to your company.

8. Bloopers

Having flaws is a human characteristic. In some cases, sharing funny bloopers of your video can help engage your audience. With this, your brand can come across as more human and show its playful side. Hence, you will be able to connect with your customers on an emotional level.

9. Be concise

The prevalence of snackable content has exploded. Social media is full of video-snacks. Along with being informative and emotionally appealing, it is crucial for your video content to be concise to engage your audience.

10. Feature key-influencers

Many successful brands have become a face for the whole industry. Featuring such entities in your videos is a way you can maximize customer engagement. For example, you can reach out to a key influencer for your interview video.


Videography as become a crucial element of digital marketing. It has high potential to leave a real psychological impression. That’s why businesses are exceedingly sorting to videos for their brand storytelling. With the given guide, you can optimize your video content for maximum customer engagement.

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