Video is such a media type where you can exhibit the most of your creativity. Moreover, no other medium can get your message through as effectively and impressively as it can. Thus, video is an extremely strong marketing tool, if used in a right way. Read this article and find out why you need YouTube video marketing for your business.

Video as a medium of communication is the most effective. It can incorporate all the other media types and transform into something unique. Hence, it becomes a highly potent digital marketing tool. It is apparent looking at the way more and more online businesses are now making videos a crucial part of their marketing strategy.

Being the biggest video discovery platform and the second most popular search engine, YouTube is an indispensable part of video marketing. Many businesses are generating higher ROI on marketing, greater visibility, increased traffic by engaging target customers with YouTube videos. If you still don’t have a YouTube account, here is a list of-

Why your business needs YouTube video marketing

YouTube Video Marketing

– Everyone likes good videos

Who doesn’t like watching good videos? People of varying age, occupation, gender, regions and so on may have varying interests but have this one thing in common. I’m sure I’m not the only one who opens the YouTube app just for a single video and ends up watching various videos for like hours. This video search giant is just like that, highly addictive. Hence, uploading good videos on YouTube can help you earn some loyal viewers and quality leads.

– A way to reach a global audience

As of 2020, over 2 billion people watched videos on YouTube every month. Moreover, YouTube has local versions for over 88 countries and 76 languages. And after Google, it is the most popular search engine. Not only that but also YouTube’s audience is very diversified in their demographics. People of different nationalities, age groups and professions watch videos on YouTube. Thus, whatever is your brand about; you are sure to find your target audience on this video search engine.

– Be found on Google

Having a YouTube account can help your business to be found on Google. As you must have noticed, whenever you run a search for any query, you have various filter options for your search results. A Videos section is just there. Most of the results shown in that section come from YouTube. Thus, by efficiently maintaining your YouTube account and by uploading relevant videos, your business can get seen on Google.

– Scope for search engine optimization

Having said how an efficiently managed YouTube channel can help you expand your virtual visibility, it also has scope for SEO. It is a search engine after all. You can optimize your channel both for YouTube and Google search engine. There are many things you can do. For one, use video keywords. Optimize your video title and tags accordingly. Generate viewer engagement by asking people to comment on your videos. Encourage your happy viewers to like & share your videos and subscribe to your channel. This way, you will be able to improve your visibility and reach on two channels at once.

– It’s literally the backbone of video marketing

YouTube is the second biggest search engine and the largest video discovery engine worldwide. Thus, it is an essential element of video marketing. Most of the time, businesses create and upload their original video on YouTube. They use the rest of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, their website, etc only for promoting the same video. So, if YouTube video marketing is not a part of your digital marketing program yet, make it one now.

– It’s basically free of cost

Along with being such a powerful marketing platform, YouTube is free. It charges absolutely no money for setting up an account. In fact, if your video does too good and secures a large number of likes and/or comments, you might just earn some bucks. Therefore, YouTube is one highly cost-effective way of marketing.


YouTube video marketing is becoming extremely popular as a digital marketing strategy. With this, you can reach a global audience, increase customer engagement, be found on Google and so much more basically for no cost. Moreover, you can also do search engine marketing for your channel and videos on YouTube and reach targeted audience better. Thus, YouTube marketing is a must have for your online business.

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