PPC or Pay per Click model is the choice of many businesses when it comes to online advertising. Just like every other year, this year has brought some new trends in the digital marketing and advertising realm. Thus, we have compiled a list of top 7 PPC trends that you can’t ignore in 2021.

PPC is an effective online advertising program. You can target and retarget better. Moreover, you can reach the right people, drive instant traffic, and get higher ROI. And you get all this in a very cost effective way because you only pay for the actual clicks. On top of that, PPC ads are pretty much immune to search engine algorithms. So, your ads won’t really suffer due to core updates.

Organic reach is essential but it can take months of search engine optimization to drive leads. For quick results, PPC is ideal. If you are using or are planning to use this model of advertisement, make sure to be through with important PPC trends in 2021.

7 important PPC trends in 2021 that you should look out for

PPC Trends

1. Obfuscation of data

Already there’s been limited access to search query data. And now, there is also going to be restrictions to third-party cookies with globally changing privacy policies. This will further obfuscate valuable data on which advertisers base their decisions. Therefore, make sure you are able to recover a lump of your traffic data.

2. Better understanding of target audience

Apparently with the loss of data, advertisers now will be forced look at the bigger picture. Thus, PPC advertisement this year is going to be more than keywords driven ads. Businesses will need to have a better understanding of their target audience. Therefore as PPC trends have it in 2021, marketing efforts will need to be aligned with buyer journey.

3. Prevalence of automation

Automation is only going to expand. And yes, this is going to affect the way PPC advertising has been working. A bad news for some and a good one for others, ads platforms are going to rely more and more on automation. Algorithms are now going to have more of the leash. Thus, loss of control on PPC platforms is only going to accelerate in 2021.

4. Diversification of advertising platforms

As a consequence of the points above, there is going to be a diversification of digital advertising platforms. It is likely for marketers to shift/expand their advertisements to other PPC platforms like Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Therefore, Google might not remain as major of a paid search advertising platform. More are going to join the race.

5. Websites optimized for mobile devices

Having a mobile friendly website is not only crucial while optimizing for search engine. It is also important for a successful PPC campaign. Mobile users expect websites to be easily accessible through their devices. Thus, it is crucial to make sure that upon clicking on your PPC ad, your visitor has a great user experience on your website.

6. Video ads

Videos have become an essential part of Digital marketing company in Mumbai. Don’t just stick to texts and images, create video ads. Video has a powerful tool for virtual communication. To get their message through in an effective manner, marketers and advertisers are increasingly sorting to videos. As is predicted, this media type is soon going to become a significant factor in PPC ads. Thus, it’s time you integrate your PPC advertising program with video marketing.

7. Rise of voice search

People are becoming exceedingly comfortable with giving voice commands to their devices. It’s rapidly spreading prevalence is obvious for the level of convenience it provides. Thus, to have a 2021-ready PPC advertisement plan, it is important to optimize for voice based search. In fact, it’s likely to play a significant part in PPC marketing for further more years.

Key Takeaway

Looking at the trends above, one can tell that obfuscation of data is going to redefine PPC marketing in 2021. As a result, there will be a shift from language driven marketing to more empathetic marketing. Moreover, the automation in PPC will only get bigger, and advertisers will be moving/expanding to platforms other than Google. Some digital marketing trends are also going to impact the ways of paid search advertising. There will be a rise in the number of video ads. Also, PPC advertisers will need to focus more on optimizing for mobile users and voice enabled search this year.

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