Advent of the year 2020 has drastically impacted the business world leading to extinction of endangerment of the physical market space and expansion of the digital market. This being the reason, many offline businesses have entered and continue to enter the digital market.

We’re at the sundown of the current year and this is the time business persons & marketers sit down to formulate plans and strategies for their business in the next here. And we’re here to help you buckle up for 2021.

Ecommerce Trends

We live in a dynamic world and business is highly sensitive to environmental changes. Every year, there is a whole new set of fresh trends in ecommerce. Well, ecommerce is no different and it is in fact more vulnerable.

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To help you strategize better for 2021, we have put together a list of some-

Upcoming Ecommerce Trends for 2021

# Online shopping is the future

We have already given you a heads up about this one in the beginning. Events of 2020 have led to the doom of physical shopping and online shopping is the only logical substitute. Well, anyone could have predicted so even in 2019 but this is to emphasize on the magnitude with which online selling has increased and continues to increase. Keeping this in mind, more and more businesses are digitalising everyday.

# Omnichannel shopping

As it provides a seamless and consistent shopping experience, omnichannel retailing has become really popular. Omnichannel retailing refers to a combination of two or more sales models. To keep up with 2021 standards, you should-

> make your website more mobile friendly

> offer different purchasing options

# Increased use of AI and AR

Incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) in your shopping website can help have your customers in-store assistance like experience plus save you cost on customer support service.

With augmented reality (AR), shoppers can assess better the product they intend to buy. One way how AR works– some online clothing stores use AR to help customers visualize how a certain outfit will look on them.

More and more online businesses are now employing AI and AR to improve user experience on their website.

# Emergence of new payment options

The payment options an online shopping site offers greatly influences their customer’s buying decision. This being the reason, many brands now accept payments through different digital wallets (like Google Pay, Paypal, Apple Pay etc). If you offer convenient and safe buying options, more customers will prefer to buy from your website.

On top of that, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular. For one, Bitcoin provides some benefits to online retailers like low transactions fees. It’s highly possible to see online businesses accepting cryptocurrencies for transactions in 2021.

# Green marketing

One of the reasons why Starbucks is an extremely popular choice among the younger generation is because of it’s green marketing. Green marketing is when a company tries to market itself based on its environmental friendly business practices and initiatives. For all the good reasons, millenials have become highly sensitive to environmental issues and thus prefer to buy green. This has also pushed many companies to adopt eco-friendly business practices.

Focusing on green consumerism has led to an increased number of sales for many companies. We hope to see this trend stay in 2021 and for more.

# Mobile friendly websites

More than half of online shopping is done through mobile phones and the number is only increasing. Even Google is optimizing itself to serve mobile users better. Given that, more and more online business organizations are optimizing their websites to make it more accessible and easy to use for mobiles users. This is one really important standard for ecommerce in 2021. To make your website more mobile friendly-

> improve your website loading and page speed

> use mobile accessible themes or have a special ‘mobile view’ option

> incorporate lazy loading


Precisely, what the trends for 2021 reflect is that online businesses and shopping platforms will need to facilitate consumers with a hassle free and safe shopping experience to thrive in the ecommerce world. If you’re studying these trends to understand how to improve your online business in 2021, things like a mobile friendly website, omnichannel retail systems, eco-friendly business practices, efficient use of technology like AI & AR, diverse and safe payment methods etc should be the focal point of your digital marketing and online business strategies.

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