Ever since WhatsApp rolled out the privacy policy update notification at the beginning of this year, it hasn’t left the news board. It’s been continually rolling out some or the other updates. Following that, there’s a new update from WhatsApp. Soon you will be able to logout from WhatsApp. How’s that going to work? When will the feature be available? This article answers all these questions.

Logout from WhatsApp? Is this for real?

Well, yes. As you must know if you have ever used WhatsApp, the app doesn’t allow you to logout of it. The only way out was either deleting the entire data by going in settings or by uninstalling the app altogether. The point being, unlike Facebook and Instagram, there’s been no Logout feature for the messaging app.

Logout from WhatsApp

This implies that as long as your internet is on, you will receive messages and the sender will know that through the ‘double tick’ marked on their message.

“Reply to me.”

“Are you ignoring me?”

“I bet you saw my message on the notifications”

You must be familiar with messages like this. And at times, it can become a real pain. But don’t worry! With WhatsApp’s new feature, you can log out of your WhatsApp account. Let’s talk about it a bit elaborately below.

All you need to know about WhatsApp’s new ‘Logout’ Feature

Ever since WhatsApp has updated its privacy policy and terms, it has been a constant on the online news-board. Due to this, it has lost many users (and continues to do so though) to its competitors like Signal, Telegram, etc.

However, to win back its users and stop the outflow, WhatsApp has rolled out a series of steps in the past couple of months—like taking it to WhatsApp’s very own status feature to clarify its privacy policies, replacing the ‘Read Later’ feature with ‘Archive’, etc. And now, there is this logout feature.

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WhatsApp’s Logout feature

According to WABetaInfo (WhatsApp’s very own news portal), the messenger app is going to release the ‘logout’ feature. It will allow you to take a break from WhatsApp and receive messages only when you like. Unlike before, you won’t have to uninstall the program, delete stored data, or try other remedies. You will just simply be able to logout.

Just as how WABetaInfo reports it, “there will be a new option called Log out, that allows to unlink your device to the main WhatsApp account. At the moment the Log out option replaces Delete account on linked devices but their plans might change, moving/copying the option in the previous Linked devices section.”

What problem does it solve?

You receive messages on WhatsApp just as they are sent (give your internet is on). Imagine you are using your smartphone for typing a report, or you are watching a movie on it. At times like this, WhatsApp notifications can become a real nuisance. And god forbid if you are in some group and they decide to have a conversation. You will be bombarded with notifications. These are some of the reasons why WhatsApp users have been asking for the ‘logout’ feature for quite a while now.

Earlier, you’d have to uninstall WhatsApp, delete app data from the storage, or turn off your internet when you don’t want to receive messages. There was no direct method. But with the ‘logout’ feature, you won’t have to use such fixes.

Moreover, it will help those who want to monitor their social media consumption and restrict it. With this feature, you will also be able to take a break from WhatsApp.

What is the status of release?

As the report on WABetaInfo suggests, the ‘logout’ feature is currently in the testing phase. It has only been released for the beta version users. So we can expect the ‘logout’ feature on WhatsApp to be out soon.

Android and iOS

According to WABetaInfo, the ‘logout’ feature will be available for both Android and iOS users.

For the types of WhatsApp accounts

Since the release of WhatsApp’s business version, there are now two types of accounts on WhatsApp— personal and business. The ‘logout’ feature once released, it will be available for both Personal and Business accounts.


WhatsApp has been continually in talks since it released its privacy policy update early this year. Since then, many have moved from it. What may be seen as damage control— WhatsApp has now been taking steps to win back its users. After the “Archive” feature, it is set to release another one which will allow users to sign out of the device. With the new ‘Logout’ feature, the WhatsApp users will be able to take a break from WhatsApp any time they want without having to uninstall the app. Since WhatsApp is heavily used in countries like India, Brazil, U.S.A. and so, it will also affect their digital marketing and communication systems. The businesses using WhatsApp will need to adapt accordingly.

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