Google Vs. Bing Vs. Yahoo! Which One is Better?

Google is the most popularly used search engine. So much so that the company’s name itself has become synonymous with the search engines themselves. Whenever you need to look up something on the internet, you Google it. This explains why most search engine optimization revolves are Google. However, Google isn’t […]

Soon you will be able to Logout from WhatsApp

Ever since WhatsApp rolled out the privacy policy update notification at the beginning of this year, it hasn’t left the news board. It’s been continually rolling out some or the other updates. Following that, there’s a new update from WhatsApp. Soon you will be able to logout from WhatsApp. How’s […]

Signal App Updated New Feature to Compete with WhatsApp

It all started with WhatsApp updating its privacy policy and now, it is in tough competition with its counterparts. In fact, it has lost many of its users to Signal and Telegram. Now WhatsApp is trying to win its users back. Signal has benefited the most out of disappointed WhatsApp […]

Signal App: Most Secure Messaging App for Android and iOS

You must be aware of WhatsApp’s recent privacy policy update that has shaken the digital world. It has also raised an alarm for privacy of users on messenger platforms. Since the announcement, people are moving from WhatsApp and looking for different alternatives. Signal is unquestionably the most popular alternative to […]