Is Sandes Better Than WhatsApp?

If you’ve been any active on social media lately, you must be aware of all the scandal surrounding WhatsApp. This has also brought many new and old messenger apps to light. Sandes is one of such apps. Wondering how Sandes is better than WhatsApp? Read on and find out. At […]

Soon you will be able to Logout from WhatsApp

Ever since WhatsApp rolled out the privacy policy update notification at the beginning of this year, it hasn’t left the news board. It’s been continually rolling out some or the other updates. Following that, there’s a new update from WhatsApp. Soon you will be able to logout from WhatsApp. How’s […]

WhatsApp: Read Later Feature Coming Soon!

Messenger giant WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature. This new feature will replace an old one. After the last privacy policy and terms update, this is one major announcement coming from WhatsApp. What is WhatsApp’s new ‘Read Later’ feature? When is it coming? Read below to find all […]

Soon you can Buy Insurance and Pension Schemes from WhatsApp

Launched in 2009, American freeware WhatsApp came out as a cross platform messaging service. The software application is globally famous in the digital market. Along with letting its users exchange different media types, it also provides audio & video calling feature, and much more. And soon, you can buy insurance […]