For all small businesses or local out there – we hear you. We know you are struggling right now, and that is why we have made a list of marketing for the organization to follow after quarantine Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi measures COVID-19 has been lifted. It is important that we, as a society, to support local businesses during this difficult time.

What to do after COVID 19th Uplifting Quarantine Policy

Updating your site / ad for reopening and a new clock immediately!

Once the business begins to reopen the consumer will check your company’s website and profile to see if you are open yet and what hours they can visit you. Make sure that you have updated your website, social media accounts, google my business, and other platforms accordingly.

Message. Consider your messages when advertising the post-quarantine. Now might be a good time to promote “local shop”, “Support Small Business” slogan. Chances are, your community want to help – sometimes a simple reminder can be a major instigator.

Track your investment

You may have already taken a hit from the business transactions that reduced or nil during the quarantine. Make sure that your marketing efforts fruitful! Here are some resources that can be used to monitor your online presence.

Google Analytics: This is a free resource for any company with a website. This service can provide valuable insights about who your users are, how they find your website, and how they use it.

Social Media Analytics: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and LinkedIn all have a reporting analysis (based on your profile type) where you can track the progress of your online profile. If you invest in social media marketing, you have to monitor the platform to view platform / Doing the best content and what day and time so you can optimize your involvement.

Do you advertise in many or all of these platforms?

Consider using a cross-platform analysis tool to access all the reports you need from a single application. email Marketing

Every time you send an email campaign data behold. How many people open this email? How many clicked through? How do these numbers compare to previous campaign sent out? If you have a reasonable level unsubscribe high or low click through rate, you should consider re-valuation of your message and content so that it is more valuable to the recipient.

Note: for anyone using email marketing, it is important that you clean up your data frequently. Make sure your contact is valid and active. If you are using a Top 10 Digital Marketing Agency in Delhi System platforms that do not communicate with your email, be sure to add your unsubscribers Do Not Send listing in your .

Consider the pain points of your customers may face today, and see what problems your product / service can solve for them.

Nowadays, most people (we hoped) reduce the amount of time they go shopping to as-needed basis. Consider the things that people might have without all this time, and remind them of this requirement.

For example, many people will go without a haircut during the quarantine so that, after the isolation, barber and hair salon should invest in social media marketing, PPC ads for the term location based searches like “Barber near me”, and email marketing to let new and prospective clients know they are open and available. Seeing a need, fill a need.

Sell ​​online. Are you selling a product that you can register online to purchase? An effective way to reach new audiences that you could not before is to set up an e-commerce site. Supervise your review! A staggering 72% of customers will not take action until they have read the reviews of the company (Hosting Tribunal).

Charlie Harry : Charlie is a talented search marketer with 5 years experience. He provides site audits, phone consultations and content and link strategy assistance. He is also a publisher of award winning websites and has presented many search marketing conferences.